The Caberg Justissimo has been in production probably longer than any other motorcycle helmet. It’s approaching a ten year anniversary and. All Caberg Styles. Axel · Downtown S · Drift · Drift Evo · Droid · Duke · Duke II · Ego · Freedom · Freeride · Ghost · Hyper X · Jet Century · Jet Sintesi · Justissimo. Användar manual Justissimo GT (PDF)» is PDF file with helmet visor of £30 for visor, on ebay last week £75 for brand new caberg helmet!).

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It also has surprisingly good outward visibility. Caberg was the first Italian manufacturer to produce a flip-up helmet and they have continued to evolve the type through the years.

Caberg Motorcycle Helmets | Axel

The Caberg Duke is no exception. The Duke is a progenitor of the Caberg Konda; itself a progenitor of the Caberg Trip, which started this branch on manhal Caberg family tree of stylish flip-up helmets designed to appeal to the younger, sportbike-riding customer.

The Justissimo manaul a classic design that proves that good design and build quality will last. It was first introduced in upgraded to the Justissimo GT in ! The graphics and the cabreg coat on our example rate an cabsrg. The finish is superb, with perfectly applied graphics and jusissimo even a micron of orange peel or any other imperfections.

This level of finish is rare on a flip-up or indeed, on any helmet in this price range. The rotating flip-up visor on the Duke uses no springs or detents on the way up, until it reaches the top-most position, where a strong detent clicks it in place. See the Summary Table at the bottom of the page for a description of our rating system. Every time I set the Duke on my head, I definitely notice a difference.

The padding is not as thick as some helmets but something about the internal shape makes the Duke feel right at home and very comfortable on my head. The large, wide and tall chin bar is a noted feature of the Duke, just as it was with the Konda and Trip.

It may look a bit disconcerting at first but when the helmet is slipped on, a tug brings the chin bar down where it should be and settles the helmet on the head. In fact, despite the tall and wide chin bar, the Duke paradoxically seems to offer better outward visibility than found on many other flip-ups in this price range. The front-to-back internal dimensions of the Duke are a bit shorter than average also, with the tip of my chin just touching the inside bottom part of the caerg bar.

Again, this will vary, depending on your head shape. The liner is removable and washable and has been treated with an anti-bacterial. It also has some reflective material swen in along the rear. The ear pockets have a unique design. They seem a bit small but have not bothered me because the lining is tapered up from the ear pocket into the main part of the liner. An extra-thick foam and fabric lining covers each ear pocket, and the EPS liner is shaped to fit speakers.

Justissomo face shield completely covers the eye port and up over the top of the eye port gasket on to the first few millimeters of the helmet shell. The design is very similar if not identical to the face shield used on the Caberg Konda. The optical quality of both the 2. The clarity of the sun visor is especially appreciated. The water runs along the top of the gasket and drains on either side, where it can enter the eye port.

But this is a static test judtissimo water is poured along the top. On the road, any forward motion will quickly pull water away and off the helmet. The sun visor mechanism uses the friction method and is not spring-loaded. When the slider is pulled all the way towards the front, the button slider slips into a light detent and the sun visor will move into its lowest position.


Since the Duke is both P and J homologated, it is legal to ride in Europe with the flip-up visor in the raised position.

This is controlled with a spring-loaded lock on the left-hand side, just behind the face shield. To justiissimo it, you must snap the slider all the way back into its detent, which will release the visor so you can close the helmet. Now the flip-up visor can be raised or lowered and it will pause only in the detent at the fully raised position.

Also, you may notice the notched stops in the sun visor slider assembly at the top of the helmet, located in front of the slider for the internal sun visor. If the face shield is raised justsisimo the flip-up visor is rotated upwards, the stops are designed to catch the lip of the face shield and close it on to the manuall visor when the visor cabrg raised. The design and styling of the Duke may affect outward visibility differently for various rider head shapes.

The chin vent does flow a good amount of air into the helmet and the large chin justiissimo underneath helps block the air from flowing in from underneath, and that helps when riding in cold weather.

The EPS liner is molded into a grid of 20 mm or so square shapes, which act as crushable deformation zones. There are channels between each square in a grid pattern. The comfortable and snug fit and the thick padding in the ear pockets, along with the wind tunnel tested design, help to keep the noise levels on the Duke under control, more or less. The upper part of the helmet has normal to less than average noise levels and the neck roll padding is nicely designed.

But depending on the riding situation, canerg is some noise that kustissimo be generated around the lower portion of the shell, caberb behind and underneath the ears.

This varies, depending on the motorcycle type, but there does seem to be some turbulence around that area that generates some noise. Justossimo that our helmet evaluations are a combined effort of several riders over time on different types of motorcycles with and without windscreens. Evaluators wear correctly fitted, high quality ear plugs even when evaluating motorcycle intercom systems. Always protect your hearing when riding manua, motorcycle.

This Caberg Duke in size large weighs grams, which is actually a light weight when compared to other flip-up helmets. This is borne out when riding — the Duke feels lighter than average and that has been confirmed on the scale.

The shape of the helmet puts the chin strap in a location that can be manua uncomfortable for some riders, as we noticed during the evaluation trials. justisslmo

The chin strap padding is thick enough and the strap also has a metal Justissijo that can be used to lock the helmet to a motorcycle. The helmet meets the ECE The Duke has a two-year warranty in Europe. The Caberg Duke is yet another winner from the Italian manufacturer who has brought us so many interesting and unique helmet designs.

Too bad that jusitssimo in the U. In the meantime, our European webBikeWorld readers can enjoy a solid helmet at a very good price.

When I finally came to terms with the fact I had to replace it inI looked at a lot of helmets. Unfortunately for me, Nolan made the N a bit more narrow. After looking at a variety of other options, I came back around to Caberg and purchased a Duke Legend in black and hi-viz yellow in I very much appreciated your review, which helped me decide on the Duke. Not much chin room. By no means do I have a big chin. The top vent is poorly marked and seems to have no real effect whatsoever.


Especially for the Legend in hi-viz; I love the contrast. And the color exactly matches my Olympia AirGlide 3 hi-viz jacket. Note, the sun visor will fog up quickly, even though the outer shield stays clear. Overall, the helmet feels light and very well balanced.

It also does not sail when I turn my head or bobble in cross-winds. I have not had any neck fatigue wearing it. Cabreg helmet has convenient elastic straps in the ear pocket to hold speakers, so installation was about 10 seconds per ear. And the shell was easy to install the side clamp for the unit itself. Noise levels are great in my riding configuration For reference, I ride my trusty Honda VTX C with windshield and bags, but no lower faring. The chin strap is easy to use and comfortably padded.

Mine does not have an actual d-ring for locking, but it does have a thinner black metal tab that can be used to lock it to justussimo bike. The chin bar works well, but I do wish there was a better way to grip it when opening and closing. The chin curtain does not impress me.

Kit Bluetooth features

I would think there are better materials for this function. Would I buy the Duke again?

Absolutely, even though I wish the ventilation were better. The chin bar sitting so close is not a real issue for me. The other little issue are just nits to pick. But the ventilation is disappointing, especially in the heat of Summer. Still, though, I like this helmet manial lot. I justissino my first motorcycle when I was 6.

Thanks, wBW, for a very helpful review. By and large I find myself concurring with most of what you have written, especially regarding the value for money and the styling, although a query I emailed to Caberg about the pricing as advertised in a motorcycling magazine has still to be answered by them!! I find the helmet to be very versatile with the flip front and especially the integral sun visor.

My experience is that the chin guard vents are totally useless for maintaining a clear visor. I have found it necessary to keep the visor off the fully locked down tight position in order to keep the visor from misting up. As for the top vent — it was only after reading your article that I discovered what position the vent should be in for air flow! In any event, I could not feel any discernible difference between opened and closed with no beneficial ventilation being felt whatsoever.

Helmets Bluetooth Kit – Just Speak – Caberg

I love the system for removing the visor, although it took a wee bit of getting used to initially, however, overall I think the helmet is fair value for money. A couple of noted items you made comments about and I did not pick up on it until about four hours into a ride — the padding on the front face about the edge of my forehead and hair line meet could use a bit more padding.

Additionally, I installed my Autocom system to my helmet and the ear pockets are a bit tight with the speakers. This I can easily adjust.

I have always wanted to be able to listen to audio books on a long ride, but never could get the volume loud enough to actually hear. With the Duke I can easily hear.