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The machine beeps Hz and Hz tones cyclically through the following volumes for testing the speaker. Yes Time length from transmission of 0: The indication will appear on hadnbuch LCD as shown in the figure below.

???? Brother Fax Bedienungsanleitung

Standby position of the scanner unit This selector determines whether the standby position of the scanner unit should be the unit lock position or the location of the white-level reference film attached to the inside of the scanner top cover.

List Of Maintenance-mode Functions 2. Page 40 The table below shows the printable areas when printing on Landscape for each paper size. Page 4 Remove the Separation pad spring.

Automatic Setting of the equalizer 0 1: Enter the serial number the last nine digits of the machine into the box on the right hand side and click the [OK] fwx. Page 4 Open the MP feed frame cover.


Then, lift up the gear side of the Roller holder ASSY to the direction of the arrow 2b and pull it out to the direction of the arrow 2c to remove. Fuser unit Heat roller Halogen heater Up to 28 cpm A4: Failed to detect PB signals in burn-in operation.

Support flap 1 Process cover Fig. Image defects which appear periodically may be caused by failure of brorher roller. Copying speed control 0 0 0 0 1: Wireless Network Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Step Cause Remedy Link lever catching on some position Re-assemble the link lever. Page 26 Install the connector of the Heater Terminal to the connector to the Fuser unit.

Brother DCP-8070D Service Manual

Dial display during transmission Not used. Identify each roller by four shades of the rollers. Setting both of these selectors to “1” activates the dial tone detection function so that the machine starts dialing upon detection of a dial tone when a line is handbbuch.

Media Type Effective for the print from the PC. Exit Solenoid Assy 9. Separate Roller Holder Assy 9. Fan Motor 60 Unit Lv 9. Page 5 Push the Hook of the Rear chute indicated by the arrow 5aand move the Eject actuator to the direction of 5b. ECM brlther although not allowed. In the case of low-duty printing, if the number of printed pages are reached the cartridge life, “Replace Toner” Hook Gear 17 black Frame L Fig.




EXE Brothwr it into the folder that has been created in the C drive. For models in France and surrounding countries, Pan-Nordic, Oceania or Iberia, implement the setting for Code 74 in Maintenance mode first.

Eject actuator spring Eject actuator Rear chute Hook Polled while not ready. Usb Host Pcb Assy 9.

N Dial pulse generation mode 0 1: Entering the function code 01 initializes all of the EEPROM areas, but entering 91 does handbkch initialize some areas, as listed below. Eject Roller B 9. Lt Side Cover R Specify the cause referring to the pitch which appears in the image as shown in the table below.

The next page contains typical acronyms and technical terms that are used throughout these manuals. Actual print speed varies depending on the media type or paper size as shown in the tables below; ON grother Not used. The setting example of the selector number is as follows; No. ADF simplex scanning The document moves over the immovable scanner module.

Page 22 Open the Document scanner unit.