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He was approached and questioned by a sage like you? Plaksa and other Continents Siva’s mother-in-law did not approve of his unconventional ways. V Reva Khanda Ch. Bimbisara Seniya in the AMg canon occupied the throne of Magadha immediately after Arifijaya and that Sisunaga came a few generations after and not before Bimbisara’.

Some of them were Atharvan priests. When the assembled persons indicated their consent, he sat on a beautiful well-covered seat. Alankdras are to be spoken of along with the Varnas move- ments ofnotes such ‘steady’, ourana etc. Bhrgu visits the hermitage and revives Jamadagni. Telugi second creation was Tamasika and Brahma being dissatisfied with it created the Third divine — Sattvika — of gods called Urddhvasrotas.

Being enraged, Uma, as a punishment for his disturbance at such ajuncture, forced Agni to carry the semen as foetus in his belly. The Dharma will be on the last leg. Amara Simha 5th Cent. At the end of the period of the curse, king Mahabahu killed demon Ksemaka and rehabilitated the beautiful city of VaranasI. Introduction Ixxii i reception by Jamadagni. And tlie real Varlisa- nukrama dealing with the dynasties of Iksvaku, Nimi etc.


The telgu swallow the special quality — smell — of the earth, the fire that of the water upto Akdsa which merges into BhUtddi. Performance of annual obsequies on the New Moon Day Vyasa and his Disciples The path of Yoga through Pranayama, Pratyahara etc.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Our goal is to universalize knowledge through the most popular international medium of expression. Ixxiv Brahmanaa Purana describes the scuffle between Jamadagni and Karttavlrya for the cow Kamadhenu in which Jamadagni is killed brahmada Both of them return to Jamadagni’s hermitage Rama’s home Ch.

Very obscure names of murchanas and their presiding deities are given brahmanfa The next section on the rsis offour Vedas, the mantras, their use differs considerably in details from SK.

Braiimins liailing from tliat area are known as Govardltana Braiimanas. The detailed creative activity ofVaivasvata Manu is recounted. This is the Upanisadic thought-current and need not be traced to Jainism or Buddhism. Their number puraa extent ofYugas as well as the Yuga called Krta are described.

The last two Yugas described I.

As its name suggests it is a connected continuation of the previous pdda and includes the birth and genealogies of Brahmarsis Brahmanical SagesDevarsis celes- tial sages and Rajarsis Royal Sages as brahmandz Chs.


The description of the creation of subjects by Bhrgu and other sages, where-in the lineage ofthe Brahmana sage Vasistha is recounted. Introduction xlv Siva II. It is noteworthy that Kushan seals from the 1st to 3rd cent A. He becomes his perma- nent companion.

The arrangement ofthe Heavenly Luminaries. According to Puranas, there were twenty Tdnas of Madhyama-grdma, fourteen of Brahmada and fifteen of Gandhara grdma. The origin of Adharma due to god Brahma’s enve- lopment by Tamas and the creation.

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Grdma means the group of seven notes. But now the mention of Guptas in Bd. We find the same duration of Yuga in Mbh.

Bharata and other sub-continents are described, alongwith the rivers and mountains therein. The section on Lalitd Mdhdtmya starts with a ne-wMahgald- carana benedictory verses and a new pair of interlocutors, and the contents— manifestation ofGoddess Lalita to kill the Asura Bhanda, her marriage with Kamesvara Sivaglorification ofthe goddess Mahapadma and Kamaksl etc. These are the three ‘meditated’ and Primary creations ibid.

But some additions were made later as in the case ofPramati, the so-called tenth Incarnation ofVisnu. Vide for example Op. Ibid and Ch. He had the most excellent self- control.