Blood and Tears. Front Cover. Qutubuddin Aziz. Publications Division, United Press of Pakistan, Bibliographic information. QR code for Blood and Tears. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away on behalf of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears.

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Qutubuddjn in Bejardanga, Jhenidah Rebels liquidate non-Bengali railway employees and their families at Railway station — rail track wrecked — raids on non-Bengalis in Cadet College at Jhenidah.

General Tikka Khan, the Military Governor, told newsmen at a reception that the military situation throughout East Pakistan was completely under control “The General said massacres had taken place in East Pakistan but they were not committed by the Army. Just when the killer gang was about to leave, one of the raiders stepped into the lavatory and saw my two sons who cried to escape.

Fall of East Pakistan. Her four captors took turns to rape her. The fighting centered on the two University dormitories, Iqbal and Jagannath, where the Army say 23 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz crude home-made bombs and an arsenal of weapons boosted the defenders as the troops moved to take over the strongpoint.

Blood and tears

My daughter also resisted the attackers but they were far too many and they were well armed. I begged them to give me some time to bury my husband but they refused. As the bus neared my destination, I saw a crowd of Awami League thugs, armed with guns and daggers, on the rampage. The rebels took away our guns ” 26 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz “The rebels teras my hut and killed my nine-year-old son on March 17, “, said year-old Chand Meah who was employed in the Bengal Rubber Industries in Dacca.

As I spoke Bengali with a perfect Dacca accent and could easily gears for a Bengali, I joined the Bengali group of passengers. For two days, we lived on bare earth in an open space and we qqutubuddin nothing to eat. One of the captive women feigned acute stomach ache and begged her captors to let her go to a hospital in Dacca for treatment. In Blloodwe were repatriated to Pakistan ” Fatima Bibi, 40, whose husband was employed in a trading firm in Tongi, teafs after her repatriation to Karachi from Dacca in February High quality recitations of the Quran.

Although they hail from 55 towns of East Pakistan, their narratives and the published dispatches of foreign newsmen quoted in this book, cover places where the slaughter of the innocents took place.


Every night, we heard threats and abuses from our captors. The shop was locked, and in the forenoon, when my protector opened it, I told him of the fiendish happening of the previous night.

I was seated in the front portion of the bus and I saw that the killer gang had guns, scythes and daggers. In the third week of Marchwhen he sziz away on duty, some armed thugs had looted his house. At gunpoint, they ordered me to leave the house with my three children.

Blood and tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – First Edition – from Mark Lavendier, Bookseller and

The Mukti Bahini seized my house and told me that the Biharis would not be permitted to own even an inch of land in Bangladesh ” “For two hours, my house in Mohammedpur was riddled and pocked with bullets by a gang of armed Bengali marauders late in March “, said Qaiser Jahan, 22, who escaped to Nepal from East Pakistan in and was repatriated to Karachi in December The telephone link between East and West Pakistan remains nearly unusable and only a skeleton air service is being operated between Karachi and Ters ” Skimpy references to the blood-letting of untold proportions, undergone by the non-Bengalis during the Awami League’s March uprising in East Pakistan, percolated into the columns of some newspapers in Western Europe and India in the first week of April A foreign Red Cross team took pity on us and moved us to a Relief Camp in Mohammadpur ” Shamim and her children were repatriated to Pakistan from Dacca in January Repatriated to Karachi in Januaryalong with her 4-year-old orphaned daughter, from a Red Cross Camp in Dacca, Nasima gave this hair-raising account of her travail in Even as the victims of a catastrophe, not of their own making, they are entitled to the fullest measure of our sympathy, empathy and support in restoring the splintered planks of their tragedy- stricken lives.

A qutbuuddin barked out the order that Bengalis and non-Bengalis should fall into separate lines. Although shot in the second half of April and despatched to Pakistan’s overseas missions in May, it was viewed by small audiences abroad.

The eye-witnesses, whose testimonies or interviews are contained in ans book in abridged form have been chosen from a universe 11 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz of more than 5, repatriated non-Bengali families.

It was a horrible scene. Road to Ghazwa e Hind – The real possibility and scenario of a major nuclear war between Pakistan and India involving all major civilization The bus driver obeyed their signal to stop and the thugs motioned to the passengers to get down.


In the third week of Decembera Mukti Bahini gang raided and looted qutubudxin house and threw me and my three small children on the streets. Be sure to check out our cook books and food section of our rare book room.

The Dacca University Campus served as the qufubuddin base of the Awami League militants and its laboratories were used for manufacturing different varieties of explosives.

I counted amongst my esteemed Bengali friends his illustrious father-in-law, Mr. Dead bodies of other slain non-Bengalis lie in the foreground.

There is evidence to warrant the belief that the Awami League rebels were using a transmitter in the Indian diplomatic Mission in Dacca for round-the-clock contact with the Indian authorities who were giving support to the rebels, especially qutubuddni the border belt.

We were rescued by the federal troops”. Kotchandpur and Tafsidanga — foreign press reports on Jessore genocide — East Bengal Regiment rebels murder West Pakistani officers — Hindus and armed Indian infiltrators abet murder of non- Bengalis — blockade of Army cantonment — Bengali rebels kill Italian Priest Rev. They stabbed him and then looted our house.

They erected huge barricades on the highway from the suburban locality of Agrabad aziiz the Port area of Chittagong to prevent the transport 49 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz of military personnel and arms to the Army cantonment. On December 23,I gave birth to a baby girl. Bhutto’s vindication of the constitutional stand and role of his Party was forceful and logical. They gave her no clues to the whereabouts of his dead body.

India’s well-organized propaganda machinery and the liberally-financed India Lobby in the United States were working in top gear to malign Pakistan and to smear the name of the Pakistan Army by purveying yarns of its alleged brutality in East Pakistan.

The federal Army’s intelligence service had become privy to the Awami League’s plan for an armed uprising all over the province in the early hours of March 26, She was widowed early in After the raiders had gone, I felt some sign of life in my husband. First Edition In collecting, the first edition is the earliest published form of a book.

But six toughs grabbed him while the jingo in the lead slit his throat with a ‘Ramdao’ a kind of dagger and decapitated him “I was horror-stricken by what I had seen. Some Bengali civil servants, who were loyal to the Government, wanted to go to their offices.