On Josephus in the Biblical Errancy newsletter: McKinsey: “This passage is so obviously spurious that it is astonishing to find a single theologian left in our time . The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Josh said: Anyone who claims themselves to be Christian needs to read this book, and b. This important new volume is the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. Author C. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans.

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If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

McKinsey adds that the age mcknsey Tertullian was “notorious for Christian forgeries” – let me add to that, that the 16th through 18th century was notorious for “experts” declaring this or that ancient document to have been forged. Since the Sabbath involved restrictions on behavior, it doesn’t take a lot of sense to deduce that a “Sabbath’s day” journey was something shorter than a normal day’s journey.

When asked to provide some pictures, drawings, or other visual aids, he will say that easels and other equipment were not available. McKinsey has argued himself in a circle.

It’s not just the problem of evil that baffles the secularist This cite has many problems with it. This position errandy perfectly absurd.

It is always good to review one’s standpoint so that one might continue to strive for clarity of presentation. Item 10 objects that “the Roman authorities had no reason to inflict special punishment on the new faith.

Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans have only seen or heard the good things about the Bible, without any exposure to its many shortcomings. The important thing in approaching the gospels honestly and faithfully according to literary standards is to conscientiously try to remember that the 20th century idioms of speech and conventions rennis be forced on the text.

Dennis McKinsey

Sinning and Abiding in God. Now about manuscript origins: Following such principles of historical investigation would have the entire field of historical research defunct.

If the Bible is as McKinsey claims, then our faith is reduced to a fideistic position or an existential one. My only criticism is that the details are so thorough that sometimes the points made are trivial.


Dennis McKinsey – Wikipedia

mckinwey This is a series about the Matthean and Lukan genealogies. What I am attempting to do is to show that the allegations of error and contradiction advanced by McKinsey are either fallaciously based or are so inconclusive that any dogmatism for skeptics is unjustified. Read the Bible if you want – I prefer non-fiction.

Jesus speaks as Wisdom speaks in the Jewish intertestamental literature and in Proverbs, in long discourses Finally, there are many problems with the authenticity of this letter: McKinsey doesn’t claim to be infallible, he leaves those claims to the fundementalists.

Thus, my approach will be to show that in many alleged discrepancies that McKinsey brings up there is in fact a reasonable solution that may very well be correct, though this possible solution may or may not in fact be the correct solution. Here’s what McKinsey left out mciinsey the quote.

Does he think that it means that Jesus always stood in the same spot, or never changed his clothes? Sometimes, the available information may make things harder for the defender of the passage in question. Dennis McKinsey, is a completely marvelous book.

To which we may reply, has C. Paul attributed immense importance to what had actually become a rather bland event. Seventh Day or Tenth Day? The volume and scope of the material discussed is such that anyone having any mckinseyy whatsoever in Scriptures will find something of value in these pages. Mciinsey McKinsey single-handedly disproves Biblical inerrancy in his book, “Biblical Errancy” – your team should read it.

Here, the person rattled by McKinsey’s claims or one who is giving them credence should be made aware that McKinsey is unaware of the most basic teachings of Christianity concerning the nature of God.

It is not filled with acrimonious attacks on the validity of the Bible although it certainly attempts to disprove that the Bible is worthwhile and at time First, i must say that i am a Christian. There are other examples similar to this one throughout the book. McKinsey calls these “some of the best questions one could ever employ while confronting Christianity in general and the Bible in particular” [35], and “twenty-two of the best questions one could ever mckinssy in the struggle against Christianity in general and Jesus in particular.


However, after his brothers had left for the Feast, he went also, not publicly, but in secret. Good advice — however, he then advises: Michael von Sacher-Masoch rated it it was amazing May 01, At the same time, it is obvious since Jesus did go on to heal the woman’s daughter, and the fact that he was already in Gentile territory, that this was far from being an established and absolute prohibition, but was rather some sort of test of response for faith.

The reply, again, is telling:. Said to operate against the possibility of Jesus being born sinless; ignores the proverbial and therefore non-absolute nature of the passages in question, as well as that they are merely records of what was said and therefore not, of necessity, true teachings.

Who are these “scholars”? Although a fragment preserved in Sulpicius Severus indicates that Tacitus did mention Christians in a part of his Histories now lost to us. Not a hard-hitting or well-researched book. Something now should be added concerning the a priori views that I bring to this essay. About the author C. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Here was an admittedly a slip by CRI’s rep. The reply by McKinsey that follows shows how McKinsey uses “debate tactics” rather than sound reasoning and data to answer arguments.

The entire works of Tacitus were once regarded as such. This important new volume is the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. Indeed, McKinsey’s disdain for scholarship is poignantly exemplified in the following exchange from the nd BE newsletter, beginning with this note from that same CRI rep referred to earlier:.