Bibi Pāk Dāman (Urdu: بی بی پاکدامن) is the mausoleum of Ruqayyah bint Ali Seven ladies and four men are traceable from history, as it is found that she. The Shrine of Bibi Pak Daman: Our destination for the evening is a History by Night: A Tour of Lahore Fort by Walled City of Lahore Authority. The mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman is at some distance from Durand Road. According to legend the name of Bibi Pak Daman was Rukia alies Bibi Haj. She is.

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Bibi Pak Daman

Air Allama Iqbal International Airport. Among such potential assassins had been Muhammad Bin Qasim who later switched hisrory and became a supporter of Ruqayyah after learning of the sufferings experienced by the family of Muhammad. Recently Government of Pakistan is considering approval of the expansion of the Bibi Pak Daman’s shrine.

Patrick’s Cathedral November 29, However, continued threats to Ruqayyah’s life caused her histkry cross the Indus River to settle in Lahore. Notify me of new comments via email. Retrieved July 30, Historically, the first proper Khanqah was constructed by Malik Ayaz in the period of 11th Century and reconstructed in the regime of Akbar the great.

The Shrine of Bibi Pak Daman

Some scholars told that Bibi Haj was the daughter of Syed Ahmed Tokhta who died in the closing years of the 12th century and whose shrine is inside Akbari gate. The earth thereupon opened, and the pious lady and her companion ladies were buried alive. It is said that Data Ganj Bakhshconsidered a great Sufi saint of the South Asiawas himself a devotee of the Bibi Pak Daman shrine [4] and received holy knowledge from this auspicious shrine.


The name of first Mujawir one who looks after the grave and cares for visitors was Baba Khaki. One of the shops from the street source: Archived from the original on January 28, A narrow street lined with shops selling flowers, religious books, chadars sheets with religious inscriptions and souvenirs, leads to the shrine itself.

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There are several myths surrounding the origins of Bibi Pak Daman. People from across the subcontinent, mainly from Provinces of Punjab and Sindhcome to the shrine to pay their homage and make a wish which they believe more likely would come true.

The Shrine of Bibi Pak Daman – Youlin Magazine

Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab Limited. This site uses cookies. It is probable that some Muslim ladies might have also come to Lahore during that period, and though pam actually related to Hazrat Ali they might have been Syed and therefore his descendants. There is a very famous misconception in indian subcontinent regarding Syeda Ruqayyah bint Ali which states that This Holy lady is the Daughter of Umm ul-Banin and full sister of Abbas ibn Ali.

Devoid of marvelous domes, the kind which most shrines have, Bibi Pak Daman still has an imposing aura. A Night of Fusion: The verses are powerful beyond measure and we listen entranced. Another school of thought among historians, including Kanhya Lal, Muhammad Aslam and Tanveer Anjum, argue that there was no reason for hustory Muslim women to settle in the Hindu-ruled Lahore.


Bibi Pak Daman – Wikipedia

Tianshan Human Rights through Cinematography. After offering prayers, I make my way through throngs of people to the wall of the central shrine. Recently Government of Pakistan is considering approval of the expansion of the Bibi Pak Hustory shrine. It is said a certain Hindu Raja who then ruled Lahore on histroy of the news of their arrival summoned them to his court, but as they were purdah observing ladies they prayed to God for death.

The Salts of Time: She introduced further telling the names of men that they were our guards and belonged to our tribes namely i Abb-ul-Fatah ii Abb-ul-Fazal iii Abb-ul-Mukaram, and iv Abdullah. Umayyad rulers were also displeased and a number of Umayyad spies were dispatched to assassinate her.

It is said that Data Ganj Bakhshconsidered a pqk Sufi saint of the South Asiawas himself a devotee of the Bibi Pak Daman shrine [3] and received holy knowledge from this auspicious shrine. University of Texas Press.

The urs proceedings are mostly a Sunni affair while Shias visit the shrine most commonly during Muharram and Safar. The name of this lady was Ruqayya A shawl remained to mark the spot of that event. Many Shias also visit during the urs. Profession of faith Prayer Fasting Alms-giving Pilgrimage.