Bhavat Bhavam. There is an interesting concept in Vedic astrology that can help us to understand the nature of the houses, called bhavat bhavam. It means. BHAVAT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vedicastrology. Basically the bhavat bhavam, sharing similar indications, lends support to the house in question. For instance, 5th house signifying inclination of mind (intellect) .

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With different karakas bhsvam unrelated signification, how do we conclude? It shows your half baked approach to subject. What doesn’t kill you 6 will make you stronger Finally, the 8 th is third from the 6 th house.

But for simplicity purposes I have used the word results. Bhavat bhavam applies to the house that is the same counted from a particular house in respect to lagna.

However, if you follow this train of thought, you will see in column 3 of table 1 that there is no recurrence of bhavas 2,4,6 and 8 using the bhavat-bhavam concept. There is a trend here.

Another important revelation is that the two natural angular Aries, 1 st house and Capricorn, 10 th house and trinal Leo, 5th house and Sagittarius, 9th house houses appear in this pattern. Of course 6 th bhava here is the daily work a person does and it is an artha sthana.

The 6 th is the very interesting one of these patterns. bhavamm

Sun who rules a panapara 5 th house and Saturn who rules a Kendra 10 th house and panapara 11 th house bhxvat the natural zodiac solely help the Apoklima lagnas bhavqt and 12 of the natural zodiac. Follow me at vijayalur twitter January Panchanga vijayalur. Jupiter and Mercury are a pair in shad bala too. Likewise 5th, signifying appreciation of entertainment and amusements, lends support to 3rd house significations such as music and drama. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


The odd one out in table 2 from section 2 is the Moon. This just goes to show the importance of these houses cannot be overstated.

The table bhavt the explanations provided in section 2. Without luck there is no profit. The 7th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 10th house 10th from 10th. Jupiter and Mercury are very closely related to knowledge and understanding. So it is double emphasis. At that point look for Venus in the chart and see when his dasa or bhukti is getting activated for that person. In the table you will find Rasis in the first column while the planet that helps them find their life path in the second column.

Sun helps Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Notify me of new comments via email.

Bhavat Bhavam * BP Lama Jyotisha

Bhavat Bhavam from house to house Bhavat bhavam applies to the house that is the same counted from a particular house in respect to lagna. Naturally 2 must be capitalized in order for 3 to draw upon the resources of 2. The 1st and 10th are angular Vishnu bhavas which are very important activity houses. Only horoscope will be sent and no predictions will be given. The 5th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 9th house 9th from 9th.

We know that for Leo and Cancer lagnas, Mars is the yogakaraka planet. The 9th house is the house of Dharma. The 6 th is the natural sign of Virgo where Mercury the intellectthe child of the Moon Manas gets exalted and has his Moolatrikona position too. From table 1 of section 1, the 7th bhava gives the results of the 1st bhava. Never rely on just one system to deliver you the complete results. The 4th house from lagna, as we know, signifies the conditions at close of life.

The first bhava gives the results of the 1st bhava.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam

bbhavat The 5th and 9th are dharma and trinal Lakshmi houses of great fortune, power and knowledge. Lets consider 4th from 2nd which is the 5th house of literary works. The first is the natural dharma house while 10th is the natural karma house.


Mercury helps Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Saturn is a natural neutral to Mercury. An example here is the chart of Deepak Chopra with 5th lord Mercury conjunct 10th lord Mars in 9th.

He can still give rise in career and yield the person a title because 6 th from the 6 th is the 11 th house of titles and income. The owner of the means of production must labor again 6th from bhavqt to shape, transport, or otherwise convert the original labor so that it can become a commodity in the market 11 Achievement of goals based on indebtedness, long labor in servitude or exploitation, and in conditions of social conflict 6 — in other words, goals for which one has paid in bhvaat — are marked by periods of vriddhipati Sun and Saturn have special relationship in axis of the natural zodiac too.

For more advanced astrologers bhacam readers who are aware of Brihat Parashara Hora shastra BPHS principles, you will find that more interesting bhavay emerge from table 2 of section 2. In the same manner 5th 3rd from 3rd also supports the significations of 3rd house which shows initiation into spiritual practices. In he took sannyasa, the renounced order of life.

The phrase ” bhavat bhavam” can be translated into English as ” from house to bjavat. Relationship of the planet helping the lagna with respect to the rasi lord according to BPHS bhava lordship concept. It will give comfortable and pleasing results if diligently applied. I like to study this area and research.