from Act III, Scene 1 of the Italian opera Agrippina by George Frideric Handel Bel piacere è godere, Poppea’s aria from Agrippina Piega pur del mio cor nel. from Act I of the Italian opera, Agrippina by George Frideric Handel Libretto: Cardinal Vincenzo . Bel piacere e godere from Act III, Scene 1 of the Italian opera. I. Bel piacere | George Frideric Handel. (Vincenzo Grimani). Handel was a prolific composer of the Baroque period. This period is charac-.

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Giuseppe Maria Boschi [26]. In Agrippina the da capo aria is the musical form used to illustrate character in the context of the opera.

Otho is devastated and appeals to Agrippina, Poppaea, and Nero for support, but they all reject him, leaving him in bewilderment and despair “Otton, qual portentoso fulmine” followed by “Voi che udite il mio lamento”. For instance, in her aria in act 1, “Non ho cor che per amarti”, Agrippina promises Poppaea that deceit will never mar their new friendship, while tricking her into ruining Otho’s chances for the throne.

Handel’s music illuminates her deceit in the melody and minor modal keywhile a simple, emphasised rhythmic accompaniment hints at clarity and openness.

Poppaea, Claudius, Lesbus “Non ho cor che per amarti” Agrippina “Se giunge un dispetto” Poppaea; there are two settings. Stylistically, Agrippina follows the standard pattern of the era by alternating recitative and da capo arias.

No one is satisfied with this arrangement, as their desires have all changed, so Claudius in a spirit of reconciliation reverses his judgement, giving Poppaea to Otho and the throne to Nero.

Composed for the —10 Venice Carnevale season, the opera tells the story of Agrippinathe mother of Neropiacefe she plots the downfall of the Roman Emperor Claudius and the installation of her son as emperor.


Poppaea swears revenge “Ingannata una sol volta”, alternate aria “Pur punir chi m’ha ingannata” but is distracted when Nero comes forward and declares his love for her.

The Aria Database – Database Search Results

There were occasional productions in the years following its premiere but Handel’s operas, including Agrippinafell out of fashion in the midth century. She advises Claudius that he should end Otho’s ambitions once and for all by abdicating in favour of Nero.

Handel composed Agrippina at the end pjacere a three-year sojourn in Italy. A manuscript from the s known as the “Flower score” is described by Dean as “a miscellany in haphazard order”.

All combine in a triumphal chorus “Di timpani e trombe” as Claudius enters. Modern critical opinion is that Agrippina is Handel’s first operatic masterpiece, full of freshness and musical invention which have made it one of the most popular operas of the ongoing Handel revival. Problems playing this file? Handel’s autograph score survives, with the Sinfonia and first recitatives missing, but is shows significant differences from the libretto, due to changes made for the first performances.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 20 October Each in turns pays tribute to the Emperor, but Otho is coldly rebuffed as Claudius denounces him as a traitor. Agrippina, aware that Claudius also loves Poppaea, sees a new opportunity of furthering her ambitions for Nero.

Bel Piacere è godere (English translation)

This production, revived inwas described by The New York Times critic as “odd Views Read Edit View history. Agrippina is an unscrupulous schemer; Nero, while not yet the monster he would become, is pampered and hypocritical; Claudius is pompous, complacent, and something of a buffoon, while Poppaea, the first of Handel’s sex kittens, is also a liar and a ble.


Soon Nero arrives to press his love on her “Coll’ardor del tuo bel core”but she tricks him into hiding as well. Retrieved on 18 April George Frideric Handel Operas. Piavere points out the range of instruments used for special effects, and writes that “an examination of the score of this air would probably astonish some who think Handel’s piacer is wanting in variety.

Georg Friedrich Händel – Bel Piacere è godere lyrics + English translation (Version #3)

This, Agrippina believes, will make Claudius revoke his promise to Otho of the throne. Agrippina proved extremely popular and established Handel’s international reputation. George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas List of operas. Some analysts believe that it reflects Grimani’s political and diplomatic rivalry with Pope Clement XI.

Two of the main male roles, Nero and Narcissus, were written for castratithe “superstars of their day” in Italian opera.

Water Music Music for the Royal Fireworks. At the palace, Nero tells Agrippina of his troubles and decides to renounce love for political ambition “Come nube che fugge dal vento”.

In the 20th century Hhandel was revived in Germany and premiered in Britain and America.

She hides Otho in her bedroom with instructions to listen carefully. There have been numerous productions in the 21st century, including a ultramodern staging by director Lillian Groag at the New York City Opera.

Grimani’s libretto centres on Agrippina, a character who does not appear in Monteverdi’s darker version. Archived PDF from the original on 18 March Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 11 March