BD Transistor Datasheet pdf, BD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BD BD; NPN Power Transistor. FEATURES High current (max. 3 A) Low voltage (max. 45 V). APPLICATIONS General purpose power applications. BD datasheet, BD circuit, BD data sheet: PHILIPS – NPN power transistor,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components.

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The same curve applies to— rr- and—whenexternal capac- V 40 “. The maximum total dissipation, P, max.

Emitter current ratings l E max The maximum permissible emitter current. Primarily intended for use in mains operated audio amplifiers with class ‘B’ output stages. Tentative Data Tentative data aims at providing information on bd1331 devices as early as possible to allow the customer to proceed with circuit design.

TO Collector connected to the metal part of the mounting surface 2 jmo X. In the final column of Table 1values of instantaneous power are calculated and plotted against time in Fig. V Collector knee voltage see Fig. Where appropriate, other types no longer recommended for new equipment designs, but generally available for equipment production are ddatasheet separately with abridged data.

It must however be understood that no guarantee can be given here regarding the availability of the various devices or that their specifications may not be changed before the next edition is published.

RATINGS A rating is a limiting condition of usage specified for a device by the manufacturer, beyond which the serviceability may be impaired. The maximum permissible instantaneous value of the total reverse current allowable in the reverse breakdown region. Lock ‘B’ of the centre lead will now enter the hole.

transistor Bd datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Todetermine thevalueof this higher temperature, calculate the power at the new working point and its percentage of the maximum permissible power at the same duty cycle and pulse width as read from the relevant constant power line.

Under these circumstances the leads should be retinned using a suitable activated flux. This is confined to devices where a flange or stud for fixing onto a heatsink forms an integral part of the envelope. The Pj a j figures take account of the fact that a practical power supply has a finite internal resistance. The equipment manufacturer should design so that initially no design- centre value for the intended service is exceeded with a bogey device in equipment operating at the stated normal supply voltage.


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The base of the transistor is connected to the metal envelope. As a result, less base current is required to control the transistora few BISS transistor types are necessary to replace numerous power transistors: The transistor is recommended for use in the i. The thermal capacity of the heatsink will be such that the transient effect of the power will be averaged. This curve is then converted into a series of equivalent squarewave pulses having the same peak power values as the actual pulses.

Published curves are usually typical curves and are applicable only at the stated temperature.

V decreases by approximately 2. The known thermal restraints are the standard ambient tempera- ture of 60 C allowed for in television enclosures, and the thermal impedances associated with the BD EM maX – 2. Peak value of the varying component of the emitter current.

These values are chosen by the device manufacturer to provide acceptable serviceability of jhe device, taking no responsibility for variations in equip- ment or environment, and the effects of changes in operating conditions due to variations in the characteristics of the device under consideration and of all other devices in the equipment.

Older devices on which data may still be obtained on request are also included in the index of the appropriate part of each book. The duty cycle for each equivalent squarewave pulse is calculated, and the Vce and Ic values recorded over the dura- tion of the pulse are checked on the appropriate SOAR curve. For transient suppressor diodes the figure indicates the maximum recommended standoff voltage V R.

BD131 Datasheet PDF

When using a soldering iron, transistors may be soldered directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should. This rating is very dependent on circuit conditions and collector current and it is necessary to refer to the curve datashet Vce versus lc for the appropriate circuit condition in order dwtasheet obtain the correct rating Vce max Cut-off The maximum permissible instantaneous voltage datashret collector and emitter terminals when the emitter current is reduced to zero by means of a reverse emitter base voltage, i.


The first two values constitute a useful measure of the power output capability of the circuit. Conversely, for matched pairs with a higher gain, the resultant negative feedback is increased and a higher h pE ratio will maintain the necessary protection against distortion. TO For details see page 2. For applications using non-square-wave pulses, reference should be made to the General Explanatory Notes on SOAR where conversion to equivalent square -wave pulses is explained.

BD131 NPN Power Transistor

The collector voltage is negative with respect to base in PNP transistors and datasheeh w. Under these circumstances the leads should be re-tinned using an activated flux.

The maximum permissible instantaneous value of the total base current. This rating applies during switch-on of the BF where an overshoot of current is liable to occur. The traces of Vce and Ic taken from the oscilloscope are shown in Fig. A general expression from which the total permissible steady dahasheet power dissipation can be calculated is: If point P is within this area then the con- ditions are acceptable and the heatsink thermal resistance can be calculated.

The equivalent squarewave pulses are shown by the dahasheet line and are marked Pi, P 2and P3 in Fig.

Example B2 In multiple unit devices the terminal subscripts shall be modified by a number preceding the terminal subscript. This occurs when datasjeet quiescent state is followed by the overload conditions.