The latest Tweets from Baki Gazel (@gzlgzlgzlgzl1). BAKİ İLETİŞİM ELEKTRONİK. Baki als Ghazeldichter, Sbirka Pojednani a Rozprav IX (Prague, Nakladem . The following analysis of one gazel from the divdn of Baki, perhaps the best-. People have often doubted the sincerity of Baki’s sentiments and he was caught out Some were authors of gazel and kaside, others of rubai, but all of them.

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Were I thy lip to suck, ‘twould heal the sick heart; Be kind, an answer give, Physician mine, then. I’m he who, ‘midst th’ assembly where thy praise is sung, Will, rebec-like, a thousand notes upon one cord recite.

From the pleasure, joy, and rapture of this hour, In its frame to hold its soul earth scarce hath power. What garden, most exalted, is this parterre? In past eternity the hand, thy baii, it struck with bat, That time is this time, for the Sky’s Ball spins upon its way.

Baqi was at first a saddler, but he studied law and rose to the highest legal position of the empire. Circling and soaring, he went on his journey, From the land of his exile to Home back again. Gazellerk sick the heart with love for her, sad at the feast of woe; Bent form, the harp; low wail, the fillte; heart’s blood for wine doth flow.

Come is the autumn of my life, alas, it thus should pass away! Since in the casket of our mind thy ruby’s picture lies, Gazslleri mine is now no fitting home for gem of lustrous ray.


I can not, unallotted, take my share from wet or dry; From land or from the ocean, from earth or from the sky; The silver or gaelleri gold will come, by Providence laid by; I can not grasp aught other than my fortune doth supply. Ta’en bakj sense and soul have those thy Leyli locks, thy glance’s spell, Me, their Mejnun, ‘midst of love’s wild dreary desert they impel, Since mine eyes have seen the beauty of the Joseph of thy grace, Sense and heart have fall’n and lingered in thy gzzelleri sweet dimple-well.


The plane-tree hath its hands, with henna, red-dyed, And stands there of the parterre’s court the fair bride. Once unto his Vizier quoth the crowned King: Paqi, the beauty of the King, the heart’s delight, behold!

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Once from sleep I oped my eyes, I raised my head, when full in sight There before me stood a moon-faced beauty, lovely, shining, bright. Beside thy justice, tyranny’s the code of Rey-Qubad; Beside thy wrath, but mildness Qahraman’s most deadly fray. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The first religious epic is that of Yaziji-Oglucalled the Book of Mohammed.

Unconscious of his gaze, the jasmine-breasted The hyacinths o’er the narcissi rested. My gazslleri is ever, “May the babes, his tears, go ‘neath the sod, Or old or young be he who weeps not thee in sad dismay. The odor of thy kindliness recalling, tulip-like, Within the Tartar musk-deer’s heart let fire of anguish lie! But one glance from those soft and drooping eyes throw The heart through joy to drunkenness consign then. Yield not the soul to pang of Love, for Love’s the soul’s fierce glow; That Love’s the torment of the soul doth all the wide world know.

Although the pearl-diffusing eye to oceans turned the world, Ne’er into being should there come a pearl with thee to vie! The leader of the play’s the breeze of swift pace; Like children, each the other all gazel,eri flowers chase.

On tablet gazelldri his life graved, shown was Shirin; Of all else gszelleri, filled alone with Shirin.

BAKİ by Can Üzülmez on Prezi

The court of glory of his kingly majesty most high Was aye the center where would gzzelleri of sage bki poet wait.

What throng so bright and beautiful, the throng there? Thy scimitar’s the gleaming guide empires to overthrow, No foe of Islam can abide before thy saber’s ray. Like tender rose-leaf, gently laid he in the dust his face, And Earth, the Treasurer, him placed like jewel in his case. The streamlets ‘midst the vineyard hide-and-seek play The flowerlets with, among the verdant leaves gay.

Ablaze each tree, and blent are all gazeoleri one glare, And therefore charged with glistening fire the still air. There’s an o’erhanging castle in which there flows a main, And there within that castle a fish its home hath ta’en; The fish within its mouth doth hold a shining gem, Which wastes the fish as long as it therein doth remain.

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I’m poor and empty-handed, but grace free is of the Lord; Non-entity’s my attribute: Eden’s shining bowers these; That radiant throng, the Heaven-born Youths and Houris; These two resplendent forms, bright as the fair moon, These are the ever-faithfulLeyli, Mejnun! baoi

The heart’s page, through the tracings of thy down, A volume all illumined one would deem. Through its grieving for thy hyacinth down, thus feeble grown Is the basil, that the gardeners nightly o’er it water shed.

GAZELLERİ IŞIĞINDA BAKI’DE TEFAHUR | Arastirmax – Scientific Publication Index

There’s on earth no city, neither any land, That is not, O Monarch, under thy command. Like to couriers feet, the zephyrs speed away, Resting ne’er a moment either night or day.

From its source, through every country, searched have I, but all in vain Ne’er a single drop, gazellfri mercy’s fountain blest, remaineth now.

United now the lover, gazellerii now parted; This world is sometimes pleasure and sometimes woe. And let the earth its vestment rend through sorrow and despair!

Whilst wand’ring on, he comes upon that parterre, As on he strolls, it opes yazelleri his eyes fair. They are pearls, O mine eye! Is it that thou dost the whole world void and empty now conceive? A stately Cypress yesterday her shade threw o’er my head; Her form was heart-ensnaring, heart-delighting her light tread; When speaking, sudden opened she her smiling rubies red, There a pistachio I beheld that drops of candy shed.

Cupbearer, bring, bring here again my yester even’s wine; My harp and rebec bring, them bid address this heart of mine: From each hill-side they come and cast their gold low at the feet.