avidemux Avidemux is a free, open source video editor used for cutting, filtering, and encoding with support for a number of different file. P-frame duplication in avidemux on Mac OS X [image] I had thought it wasn’ t possible to install a version of avidemux that was old enough. I have researched many DataMoshing tutorials online and many of Open ‘ AviDemux ‘ Go to ‘FILE’ and load in the video you want to use.

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Turorial you can think of them as tracking where exactly pixels move. Check out the site for more details. Have you tried renaming them to.

Ella lily 3 January at Learn how to make aviedmux glitch art by datamoshing with a variety of tools. If you followed along, congratulations! I tried using the Mpeg4 AVC x option, but from there on I didn’t get any results like you did, despite using your files. All files of that type.

How to datamosh videos

To remove all the I-frames use the Up Arrow to move to the next one and repeat the removal process. If an I-frame is corrupted, removed or replaced the data contained in the following P-frames is applied to the wrong picture. For those of you unable to run Avidemux 2. There are no other ones than the inital one, and the rest are p’s and b’s. You can read that article here.


This will set the blue highlight to now only focus on your I-frame. I recommend choosing a video file that has lots of cuts in it. AVIdemux command-line support doesn’t allow you to change all possible options. tutoria

Short introduction to different methods. Or simply try an other video. For this tutorial I went ahead and cut up some short clips from two of my old school video projects that you can use to practice.

Once opened, change the Video dropdown on the left side of the interface back to Copy.

Video files layer multiple images in sequence in order to make the appearance of motion. Original files aren’t modified. If you tuhorial, you can then drag the avidemux2 from your Applications folder onto your Dock for easy access–but only after first putting avidemux2 into your Application folder from the unpacked.

Erwyn Diaz 12 May at Modern compressed video files have tutoroal complex methods of reducing the amount of storage or bandwidth needed to display the video. I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial: Some shortcuts to make this faster: As before, if avidemux tries to help you, tell it no thank you.


Its multiple pictures so kind of in a sense a timelapse.

Like I said, I have never tried that myself. Long message coming up! That’s a great video!

Other versions may or may not work, but we know 2. Worst case scenario, you can always set up a VirtualBox instance to run this old software. Thank you so much!

[TUTORIAL] How to install avidemux for datamoshing on Mac OS X – Art! – Glitchet Forum

Generally avdemux effects of datamoshing are viewed as errors, or undesirable and aviedmux applications like Avidemux try their best to correct these errors and eliminate glitching distortion.

What exactly do you mean by data files? How do you delete this file? Avidemux lets you name files anything which can result in output files having the wrong extension causing issues with other software. Now I go straight to the point, I’ve done two times the avidemux procedur and I did great https: