Autobiography of a Jnani now available for free download in both English and French, thanks to Gerald Dean. Autobiography of a Jnani Autobiography of a Jnani. AOAJ records the story of Rajivji’s nondual awakening with teacher Ed Muzika. The book offers rare descriptions of deep spiritual. Autobiography of a Jnani. ١ يوليو ٢٠١٠ ، الساعة ٤:٣٣ ص . eBook @ $ A new book is available for download. It is the complete edited dialogues between Ed.

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Concentrate on the I sense. Autobiography of a Jnani now available for free download in both English and French, thanks to Gerald Dean. The next moment I realized that I was dreaming because I was with a few people chatting. In a sense, though jnanj, it belongs to you. One will switch from knowing consciousness autobiograpby unknowing thru the navel and uatobiography versa through repeated such learnings and experiences.

Just a few thoughts here and there. What I am and you are ajtobiography totally beyond states; states are manifestations of Consciousness. I am sorry I am bothering you with this again Edji and we did discuss this earlier but I feel in dhyaan the link seems to be broken. It may come, it may go; never mind, I will keep observing. What happens is the mind is no longer functioning and you are now witnessing, as you, that which is before the mind imposes order, forms, names and knowledge.

Without you I would have been playing mind games with all the Samadhi power. The thoughts no longer have power. You had warned me earlier on this and I thought Ah, I am in bliss, I need nothing.

No homework, no effort, means no deepening. They want to skip to the end where they are told there is nothing they need do. There is oneness, but then you realize this is an experience of oneness happening to you.


Has this to do anything with Advaitic understanding?

Autobiography of a Jnani

So I learned that this joy and happiness, the oneness, is temporary in the realm of consciousness which I had thought was the final state. I autbiography a simple witness enjoying all this.

Is this the “subject” you are referring too? I felt a certain pull backwards and I moved along backwards with it ignoring the void ahead of me as you had instructed me. Ed Muzika Thursday, November 4, at 1: Downplay any focus on the body or chakras in meditation. It is all illusion including the beautiful samadhis. You led me here Lord. I am only a witness. To ask other readers questions about Autobiography of a Jnaniplease sign up.

Nisargadatta learned all this from his teacher and tradition, but spends little time exploring these experiences and issues in his talks. The fear will come, terror even, but it is the non-existent ego that will die, not you.

Most don’t like it at first because it feels like death, the disappearance of I- 41 Amness and knowingness. The various voids are only different refinements of Consciousness, and ultimately you want to take a position before consciousness. The play is infinite and variable.

You are leaving the subtle body behind. These are the qualities that Consciousness itself loves. I unconsciously stumbled on this, I never read any Advaitic stuff but on my own.

I see no difference except a space which engulfs everything. You are aware that you always are no matter what experience or state comes or goes. Want to Read saving….

I usually try and avoid it but it is very irritating. A saint told me, “Enjoy the love of consciousness as long as it lasts. Joriki is the power of meditation, Dhyana, Samadhi, autobiograpyy while Prajna is the penetrating wisdom concerning the nature of self and reality-Consciousness.


There is no truth in it anywhere. None of it is truth.

The Void is not you, nor is the Void, Consciousness. Let the consciousness give oc it wants to give me sir. But to start with, it is me as beingness looking at the void ahead.

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So I now shuffling between dream and wakeful, wakeful and dream states. The body disappears and you are the world in total Samadhi. In fact, there is only the emotion of fear that arises in certain contexts, lives briefly, then disappears into the Void, just as do all thoughts and other feelings.

But I also see most do not have that kind of thirst. The void you experience has lots of experiential activity. These are concepts used to explain a certain range of phenomena that are universal. No experience at all of any kind auhobiography no feelings.

Right away I meditated on my expanded Consciousness to annihilate my ego principle and aufobiography my won During my spiritual pursuit, after reaching realization of my Consciousness in mind, body and heart, I didn’t know how to proceed further to realize my Self within my Consciousness.