Ferdinand August Bebel (22 February – 13 August ) was a German socialist .. is the socialism of fools” (“Der Antisemitismus ist der Sozialismus der dummen Kerle”) is frequently attributed to Bebel, but probably originated with the . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by August Bebel. Woman under socialism by August Bebel. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec. August Bebel, Women under Socialism (). August Bebel (), the son of a low-ranking Prussian officer and a wood-turner by trade, became the.

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Not wanting to release such important opponents of the war effort, old charges of preaching dangerous doctrines and plotting against the state were levied against Bebel and Liebknecht in vebel It has been rightly said that if Marx was class-consciousness become reason, then Bebel was class life become flesh and blood.

Retrieved from ” https: Between andthe year of the beginning or World War I, Woman and Socialism came out in over fifty edition and had been translated into over twenty different languages.

This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Bebel was elected to the North German Reichstag as a member from Saxony in that same year. A postcard of August Bebel speaking to members of the Reichstag, Berlin. After being rejected from voluntary military service, Bebel moved back to Leipzig to work as a master turner, making horn buttons. I also taught French to some ded ladies.

Equal Rights — Equal Duties. The Life of JesusBeyschlag: A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. His resolution, Attacks on the Fundamental Views and Tactics of the Partygarnered the support of the vast majority of the Congress, including Bernstein’s supporters. For many working-class and lower-middle-class women it was the first window to the aims and ideals of the Social Democratic Party Deg.

He was the son of a Prussian noncommissioned officer in the Prussian infantry, initially from Ostrowo in the Province of Posenand was born in military barracks.

New International Encyclopedia 1st ed. Bebel is also famed for his outrage at the news of German mistreatment of indigenous people in its South-West African colony, the Herero nation in particular. He was regularly elected in the Reichtagswhere he criticized the politics of the German Emperor, its government and the conservative majority in the Reichstags for its imperialism, militarism and support of capitalist exploitation of the workers in several speeches.


More harmonious were the evenings when young candidates of theology were invited to our house. sozixlismus

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Upon his move to Leipzig inBebel became interested in politics and joined the Leipzig Workers Educational Association, one of the many self-help groups that formed during the s and s. On those occasions, we engaged in intense discussions of various trends in theology, we were together in private, and we all got along well.

She sat as an SPD deputy in the lower house of the Prussian state parliament from to It was officially banned in a decree issued on March 24, In Woman and Socialism was published and became the most educational text for working class women.

While imprisoned because of the Anti-Socialist Laws, Bebel wrote Woman and Socialism, a book discussing the plights of women from economic, political, social and psychological perspectives. Socialism creates nothing new here: I had no luck in this, for I loved talking about things I did not understand because I considered any university-educated man a drau of wisdom.

Contrary to the aims of the German government, the repressive nature of the Anti-Socialist Laws did not weaken German socialism. As a young man, Bebel apprenticed as a carpenter and joiner in Leipzig. The whole form of education and training given to girls in our social circles vanished into thin air; and, on top of it all, we heard that Bebel had written the book in prison.

It contains only the conclusions that arise from what has been said so far about the position of women in future society, conclusions that the reader may easily draw for himself at this point.

Bebel was attracted to Marxism because it gave him hope for a change to the better. Woman and Socialism offered a more distinct view of the socialist future, suggesting directions for action and pointed to methods by which proletarian women could free themselves from their unsatisfactory position.

Woman and Socialism

At Salzburgwhere he lived for some time, he joined a Roman Catholic workmen’s club. A campaign of revenge as barbaric as has never been seen in the last centuries, and not often at all in history Bebel and the SPD were the first to demand this right for women. Following the death of Lassalle, Bebel was among the group of Socialists that refused to follow new party leader Johann Baptist von Schweitzer at the Eisenach Conference ofan action which gave rise to the name “Eisenachers” for this Marxist faction.


When we sat over our needlework in the evening, father read to us: Ferdinand August Bebel, known to all by his middle name, was born on 22 Februaryin DeutzGermany, now a part of Cologne. Though a strong opponent of militarism, he publicly stated that foreign nations attacking Germany must not expect the help or the neutrality of the Social Democrats. Unlike many of his fellow male comrades in the labor movement, Bebel believed that women are equals to men and should have the same economic, social and political rights and duties.

For insulting the German emperor, Bebel was additionally sentenced to nine months’ ordinary imprisonment. In order to repress the growing popularity of socialist ideology the German government implemented the Anti-Socialist Laws, inwhich were in place until He remained a member of the North German Parliament, and later of its counterpart for the German Empirethe Reichstaguntil his death, except for the interval of — Views Read Edit View history.

Woman and Socialism | work by Bebel |

In the Novemberrevolution that ended the First World War in Germany, forced the Emperor into exile and created the Weimar Republic, German women finally unc the right to vote.

InWegscheider became the first Prussian woman to receive the Abitur a secondary-school certificate or diploma ; she went on to study in Zurich and in became the first German woman to receive a doctorate. Speaking before the ReichstagBebel criticized the war to crush the Boxer Rebellion in China insaying:.

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