In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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The participating companies come from different industries but have similar business models. They have also created the Diversity in Engineering Repot currently signed by around 30 Professional Engineering Institutions aiming to get the profession taking action to improve diversity. As for companies, the SIF Study concluded that specific support measures and initiatives to promote women in management positions are very rare.

The aseintel all seem to have experience in large companies. In a model for monitoring the composition of the boards of directors of Italian and foreign subsidiaries was implemented.

This practice could be considered very important because, since the list is publicly accessible, everybody can see which are the leading companies regarding gender equality in the UK. Throughout this methodology stereotypes of male and female abilities are discussed.

Eventi Eventi Assintel Patrocinati da Assnitel.

aKite – aKite wins Assintel Award

The importance of this award was emphasized by Latvian Parliament Speaker Ms. Although specific information on women in middle management positions is lacking, the report28 contains a collection of Best Practices of how to support female leadership in business.

assinetl This specific feature makes PLA a unique tool that helps CSPs, cloud customers and potential customers manage the transition from the old to the new EU data protection regime, and contributes to the proper application of the GDPR into the cloud sector.

Skip to main content. Each of the university’s six participating faculty will be translating these principles into action, and will receive mentoring by GenSET during the process.

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

SaloneSatellite Shanghai, which provides another opportunity for dialogue, will be back, brimming with expectation and projects from talented designers under 35, 20009 young Chinese designers, university and design school students showcase their projects.


In the framework of the EXPO, an interesting initiative has been launched: With a deep understanding of the opportunities and the challenges facing mobile operators today, she leads the GSMA as the essential industry partner for its operator members around the world, enabling their continued success through driving innovation, providing thought leadership and advocating for the industry.

Diageo is a global company in beverage alcohol, with 28, employees. The employees under 35 have the 22009 to send an SMS to the company baby-sitter who will be ready to take care after their children straight away. Main actions are geared towards raising awareness and participation in forums related to equal opportunities and diversity. Three out of four general managers are female. Below, there are two examples of women from a large company perspective and from a SME perspective.

At the national level, Italy has implemented some initiatives to improve the situation of women in decision-making position. There are other initiatives implemented in other countries aimed to encourage girls to study SET. The plans will involve activities as recruitment, retention and promotion policies, supporting work-life balance measures, updated management and research standards.

The Romanian government, civil society and companies have lately implemented a number of projects and programs to promote women in management careers. Romania has not done so.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct

The Sustainability Index is a management tool developed on the grounds of global methodology, to help Latvian companies to establish sustainability and corporate responsibility. Faculty can apply for travel support to conferences for dependents, and new faculty who are the primary parent responsible for childcare can have time off from teaching.

In the focus was on gender equality issues. The company introduced an international Gender Balance Program specifically dedicated to developing a more gender balanced leadership pipeline. Looking at the Cranfield report and the profiles of the women on FTSE boards, it is not immediately apparent that any of the women have entrepreneurial experience.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct – Assintel

It recognizes firms that have driven progress and have promoted gender diversity in the FTSE companies, against the scope of the Davies Review by awarding them accreditation.


This is a pioneer venture in Spain and one of the main agreements between the Governments and the entrepreneurial sector to boost equal representation of men and women in middle and top management. The main objective of the company goes beyond this initiative: The results are clear to see: Companies, women and governments have a role to play.

This award was launched in Romania in and is addressed to researchers from Romania aged to 35 and who are either Reoprt students or have obtained a PhD title and follow a postgraduate training program within an educational institution in the country.

InEni and its subsidiaries amended their By-laws to ensure that for three consecutive terms the composition of the Boards of Directors and the Boards of Statutory Auditors will comply with the new law. The idea was to provide women who enter the program with specific training to give them the right skills to jump to top management positions.

Because maintaining a good work-life balance is one of the main challenges for women in middle management, companies could support them by developing specific work-life balance policies. Some countries have established its own database.


Italian private companies have put many initiatives in place to facilitate the work-life balance:. In the focus was specifically on gender equality issues, and the criteria were the composition of employees and decision makers, the pay rates of both gender and companies main policies in terms of gender equality.

Universities are encouraged awsintel create female-friendly policies by the Royal Society’s Swan Charter Awards.

Their objective is to find the best possible solutions to gender matters: It consists of a voluntary business-led self-evaluation tool for companies to assess their non-financial performance in all aspects of corporate responsibility. The campaign encourages companies to: