An extraordinary history of humanity’s changing vision of the universe. In this masterly synthesis, Arthur Koestler cuts through the sterile distinction between. Arthur Koestler. The Sleepwalkers. A History of Man’s changing vision of the Universe. With an Introduction by. Herbert Butterfield. 1. Awakening. We can add to. ovelist, essayist and political man of action, Arthur Koestler emerges in this book as a historian of the sciences. He traces, with a comic writer’s eye and a.

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An interesting book for amateurs of Space Operas SF as well, obviously. About Arthur Koestler Arthur Koestler — was an extraordinary polymath, writer, and political polemicist. Dec 28, Erik rated it really liked it.

Paperbackpages. Throughout the book, this last thought could be expanded into a central theme.

The Sleepwalkers – Arthur Koestler – Google Books

During the last few centuries, from about A. Also, long-winded and detailed passages concerning the movements and eating habits of his scientist-heros fail to add anything significant to Koestler’s arguments. Stay in Touch Sign up. It begins with the initial growth of cosmology during the Heroic Age. If he hadn’t been so cheap, they would now been called the Kepler-Tengnagel Laws. The process by which Kepler got there is again described in sleepwalkets detail, and I was particularly impressed with Kepler’s first attempt to explain the orbit of Mars.

The Young Kepler 2.

Let’s leave that metaphor to go where it will. However I am amazed, for example, at the decades of work that Kepler spent in figuring out how the solar system is really put together pre-Newton and pre-Einstein cs.


The best koeztler of the ti I would devide my life to before and after reading Koestler. Years following one approach, not comfortable with the results, then another major approach, then another, fruitlessly trying to solve the I have now read this book 3 times and I think I will re-read it at least one or two more times!

In retrospect on Koestler’s future, sleepwalkeds are still around as of this writingand only Voyager has made a minor step in the physical probing of the stars.

The book also tells how at some point in history, the perception was better – more accurate – than it was several centuries later, when the Church or religion was very adamant about Holy Scripture and how one could not go against that. The five parts of this book interested me to varying degrees. Jun 06, Tlaura rated it really liked it.

And so you’ll read how he took elements from Kepler and from Galileo, and improved their examinations. An extremely readable account of the history of some key developments in human understanding of the universe. For Herakleides and the Pythagoreans had not been led to the heliocentric hypothesis by a lucky guess, but by the observed fact that the inner planets behaved like satellites of the sun, and that the outer planets’ retrogressions and changes in earth distance were equally governed by the sun.

The Crusades Older review: The best we have done so far is the Hubble’s myopic vision; but, I guess, vision never restrained Kepler. But, then, who can see the stars anymore?

They knew that the orbits, periods and velocities of the five planets were connected with, and dependent on, the sun — yet in the system of the universe koestleg they bequeathed to the world, they managed to ignore completely this all important fact. Lists with This Book. I have now read this book 3 times and I think I will re-read it at least one or two more times!


Kepler was one of the greats. More than that, it kestler the very reason why, although he certainly was a gifted novelist and a journalist with an extraordinarily wide interest and coverage, I came in due time to regard him as, at bottom, second-rate.

Poeple give it to me and they say “ooooh” and “you must” and “you’ll love” and maybe one day I will, but so far I haven’t. The future has about as much reality as the past.

The Sleepwalkers

By now over half a century older than I was way back inI perceive in addition certain things about this paragraph that I am fairly certain failed to strike me at the time at all. Hence the importance of Augustine, who was not only the most influential churchman of the earlier Middle Ages, the chief promoter of the Papacy as a supranational authority, and the originator of the rules of monastic life; but sleepwalkrrs all the living symbol of continuity between the vanished ancient, and the emerging new civilization.

People also like to read about science, as well as about history.

Certainly the catching, not to say gripping style. One of them is very subservient and obedient, and very often that is a good way.