Opera seria in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio (see Artaserse above); Venice, Teatro S Giovanni Grisostomo, February, ARTASERSE principe, e poi re di Persia, amico d’Arbace ed amante di. Semira. MANDANE sorella d’Artaserse ed amante d’Arbace. ARTABANO prefetto delle. The libretto is by Metastasio and Artaserse is the Persian king Artaxerxes I, son of Xerxes I (Serse). He ruled from BC to BC. The story is, as so often in.

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However, Arbace had already escaped and was nowhere to be found.

Mandane enters and talks to Semira. Artabano arrives at the prison with Megabise and the other conspirators to look for Arbace.

Given the evidence, Mandane thinks that Arbace must be the murderer. Hasse’s ‘Artaserse’ by Charles T. Then the two exchange swords. Meanwhile, Mandane is conflicted by her feelings for Arbace.

Vinci: Artaserse

With the year drawing to a close, we look back over the operas that wowed our critics in Shane Lowrencev has withdrawn from Meistersinger, leaving the company to find its third Hans a week out from opening. Niquet September 25, Opera seria ; Theatrical Works ; Operas ; For 6 voices, orchestra ; For voices with orchestra ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the orchestra ; For voices, mixed chorus, orchestra ; Scores featuring mixed chorus ; For voices and chorus with orchestra ; Librettos ; Writings ; Italian language.


Megabise consoles Artaserse and says that killing Dario was necessary as a form of self-defense. Artaserse is unsure of what to do as making a decision means having to choose between his sister and his lover. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now Artaserse hands the goblet to Arbace so he can prove his innocence by drinking from it. Who approach the royal bed?

These limits were not only acceptable but actually desirable within the new style; they were an additional simplification and clarification of design. With excellent sound, splendid notes and a libretto in four languages to add to all the excellent singing and playing this is one of the best baroque opera recordings I have heard.

Artabano promises Semira’s hand in marriage to Megabise if he cooperates, which Megabise is very pleased to hear. L’onda dal mar divisa. Semira enters, and Artabano forces her to marry Megabise against her will.

libreto Since then I have heard him as a recording artist, not least as a superb Lieder singer. Artabano plans to sneak Arbace out, but Arbace refuses.


It premiered during the carnival season on 4 February at the Teatro delle Dame in Rome. As this was the age of the castrati and women were forbidden on the Roman stage, all six of the characters, including the two female roles, were played by men.

Vinci: Artaserse – Limelight

Bach, Soprano Cantatas, D. Lunn, Bach Collegium Japan, M. Gaigg January 8, J. The short life of the Neapolitan composer Leonardo Vinci reads like an opera libretyo, full of triumphs and intrigues and culminating in death via a cup of poisoned chocolate.

Ionarts: Briefly Noted: Hasse’s ‘Artaserse’

Go to the opening of CD 2 and listen to the aria Rendimi il caro amico tr. In the concluding chorus everybody hails Artaserse: Adams October 30, M. Suzuki November 13, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. One of the finest versions.