Her books of poetry include The Cow (), which won the Alberta Prize from playwright, and translator Ariana Reines earned a BA from Barnard College. The Cow by Ariana Reines, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Daisy Lafarge. [Spoiler alert: discusses later scenes of the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Carrie]. “I’m gonna bash your little head in.

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This book is seriously amazing. It quotes from many sources.

The Cow | Boston Review

Everything rots but nothing disappears. This wraps itself around a discussion of language and truth. We no longer dwell in the Parthenon, but we still walk or pray in the naves of the cathedral.

It makes note of the cow as ruminantdetailing the fourfold physiology of its stomach. I’m interested in how she fucks with theoretical concepts by making them interfer Reines frequently lands on some prolific, breathtaking insight—lines you instantly want to write down, to never forget, to perhaps tattoo someday—but the poems here and in MERCURY, which I finished, and COUER DE LION, which I abandoned ten pages in and found just godawful just as often strike me as contrived and extra-affected.

Sometimes books act like events, like edifices, or like they can tell it like it is. This makes them revolting and backward but it also makes them sympathetic.

A Political and Literary Forum. As we were leaving, I noticed a dead horse in the bed of a truck. There has been a lapse. To ask other readers questions about The Cowplease sign up.


Certainly not for everyone particularly not the faint of heartbut this is a minor in the deleuzian sense tour-de-force. I can understand why people say that, but for me French literature is important. Three men were pushing the dead weight off their vehicle. You might have noticed the absence of paywalls at Boston Review. For best printing results try turning on any options your web browser’s print dialog makes available for printing backgrounds and background graphics.

Children sing for Alex Chilton — thoughts on Michael Robbins. Read Coeur de Lion first At starboard, a white kirtle which is the moon. It is the first thing to be done. Look at the cover long enough and you may find an unsettling balance between beauty and horror, a sense that stays with you long after the book is closed. What if everything could be as tender and durable as a genital. Feb 02, Arthur rated it really liked it.

The Cow – Ariana Reines – Google Books

Both identity and meaning are multifarious, interconnected: Reeines book is full of quotations, but they are all macerated and tiny, hundreds of little quotations from the classics dispersed throughout the book. Why is love so gooey and disgusting. I like the opportunity to challenge my sensibilities, and Reines is a great writer to turn to if that, too, is your objective.

You have got to sometimes become the medicine you want to take. People want to have an experience of the raw truth, and some things are more intense and greater than others, but nothing is wholly raw, nothing is the plain and pure truth.


This text is filthy and fertilized, filling and emptying, filling and emptying, atrocious and politic with meaning. The Danger of Sucking. The poem accelerates with a manifesto-like ardency:.

The Historical paw-print: thoughts on Ariana Reines’s The Cow

It is a meditation on disgust. In the same way, velleity needs a similar anchoring: Books must understand this in their very making.

Is this typographical feature artful or excessive? The horse flopped off the truck like wet carpet, rolled a little ways before stopping. May 23, Randy rated it liked it. Shit is disgusting and horrible. Adiana both cases, the feedback loop is profoundly physical.

I think she’s probably just not for me. Reading this book may be a test of your masochism, but it just might change you. Her writing is beautiful and painful, hilarious resistant to linear me I have been on kind of a poetry bender but find it hard to write about poetry.

Ode to Failure Stacy Szymaszek. But the heroes of France are enormous heroes.

A professor had recommended it years before, however, I waited until it was assigned to force myself to read it.