The Priestly Bride contains a revelation that was given to Anna Rountree that includes some awesome insight into the processes of purification and sanctification. The Priestly Bride [Anna Rountree] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Christ is coming back for a bride that is totally in love with Him. The Priestly Bride by Anna Rountree () [Anna Rountree;] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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They were large and looked something like treasure chests. Then he took a pencil from behind his ear and pulled out a clipboard that held a receipt.

It was soft like snow but not cold. With a great heave, he started to pull the shield upward, away from the battle. When the vision ended, I realized that a golden rain of light was falling on me.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. They smiled at us as we passed. Gountree we entered a greater light at the end of this corridor, Azar veered off to carry me into Paradise a different way. The Holy Spirit had to set me on my feet, for I could not stand. And when you, joined to Him, eat from My hand, when you eat from the hand of the One who sits upon the throne, you too become white.

These angels began unloading the chests. Azar smiled, “They will escort you to the throne room.


Once under the canopy, He turned and walked through the burning opening in the wall of the apartment. Four angels stood before me in a semicircle to my left, four angels in a semicircle to my right.

Eric Hamstad rated it it was amazing Jun 06, The Priestly Bride offers mystery, an unfolding love story, passionate communication, brutal honesty and even some spiritual warfare. They were as exuberant as children.

The Priestly Bride

Eat from My hand and sleep between the cherubim. Your obedience must arise out of bide perfect love for Me–not under constraint, but for love’s sake. They banked, rolled, dove and looped-the-loop.

Published Bridd 1st by Creation House first published May 3rd Sherri Dugas rated it it was amazing Jan 03, They seek fresh meat [fresh revelation], but their game is earthbound, and so is their revelation-times, seasons, natural signs and consequences of sin.

A white tool pouch hung from his belt. I was very glad to see Azar.

The Priestly Bride by Anna Rountree -1/2 – Inspirational Videos

I was incredibly embarrassed, and the angels who brought me were abashed. Those conducting official business moved out of the way, being unsure of how far I might travel.

He smiled at me. I have given them to see into human souls, but all of it concerns the needed revelation for the outer court. My heart is turned toward you. Courtship is a memorable time, a suspended time.


I did not wonder long. The Lord had told me that if I wanted to see Him that He would meet me there. After the physical gift was placed upon me, the angel named the spiritual gift it symbolized.

English Choose a language prieetly shopping. The angels who were carrying me responded instantly to His request.

The Priestly Bride (1/2) by Anna Rountree – Ministry Videos

They’re a bother, though. Azar had pulled the shield into an invisible passageway.

He is the great white Eagle as well as the great High Priest. The only way to do that was to know truly Life Himself.

My Father spoke audibly again. From His chest upward it is impossible to see His face because of the brilliance. However, I was not sure how they might react to a camel caravan.

Both of these books are definately second, even third re-readings.

As they moved forward, the word LOVE could be seen at times in the rounteee fabric. I say that he was an angel because he called me by the name that at the time was known only in heaven.

But why the canopy?