Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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This active complementation by the reader causes him to wonder at any instant whether the formulation of the meaning he is performing is adequate for the reading he is carrying out.

In his work ” The Act of Reading “originally published inWolfgang Iser conducted an important study of the interaction between the reader and the text focusing aangenot how, and under which conditions, a text has a meaning for the reader. It is certainly possible to use psychology to clarify the interpretation and valuation of literary works, and it is also possible to proceed in the same manner regarding sociology, philosophy, history and other disciplines which, supported by their theoretical constructs, can help the reader to understand the fundamental concepts that may have been used to elaborate a literary plot.

Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas – Marc Angenot – Google Books

As explained by Ceia, the original Greek meaning of the concept, maintained in the German term Phantasierefers to what is present in the first great theoreticians of the subconscious, Freud and Jung, corresponding to how they always used the term. Psychology in Literature A Psychology as a Perspective for the Reception of Literature Leite believes that, in the creation of a work of art, the author goes beyond angdnot superficial and apparent aspects of everyday life reached from a historical and sociological perspective in the search of what, by being expressed about the human psychological condition, will continue to be valid in highly diverse situations.

Judging that a coachman whose face we represent in an obscure maner has mustaches is seeing his face appear with mustaches This involvement with the text is seen as a type of tangle in which what is strange will be understood and assimilated. Iser applies them to our activity of reading successive sentences.


All litearia contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. What is the legitimacy of this process? If, in the imagining mode, we think of individual objects, these will be the same objects that will appear to our consciousness In these works, a faithful reproduction of the mental processes presented is less relevant han the possibility of dramatization offered by the technique antenot.

It is the ability of the analyst, starting from successive states of balance and imbalance, to be able to study the organism exactly at a given moment, being concerned with the history of this organism only if this history is identified as an active force at the time under consideration.

Teoria Literaria

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. On this basis, we would have the following scheme: According to Russellp. Reception and Response to the Environment. Nevertheless, psychology can also study the various methods of composition, correction and rewriting practiced by writers.

teiria Within this context, the writer, as an individual, is a unique being highlighted in the uniqueness that conjugates the human ensemble of individuals. Share your thoughts with other customers. Any interpretation is simply a way of revealing aspects of a determined work, always falling short of its total content.

And it is by means of this condition that the interaction of the text with the reader occurs, something quite different from reading the text looking for a hidden message or based on a unique interpretation. Literature and Psychology, interdisciplinary, perspective.

Within this context, there would be a causal relation between conscience and behavior i. The advantage of this type of analysis? Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The Study of Laws. The study of how people think, act, influence and relate to each other is part of the context of Social Psychology, a branch of Psychology that, in the 20th century, has been devoted to an attempt to dialogue with the Social Sciences, also dealing with the social experience acquired by the individuals who participate in different social movements.

Books by Marc Angenot

His world is made up of what he perceives, feels, sees, thinks and imagines in a manner that cannot be identically reproduced by any other person. According to Iser, it is by filling out the gaps and the blanks of a text that the reader will reach its meaning.


However, contemporary psychology proposes that conscience should be understood as an intermediate link between environment and behavior i. In agreement with Freudian theory, these manifestations in literature are only “different forms of equal conflicts” in a civilization in which “neurosis” is often an alternative way of expressing creative conflicts which, if barred, become distorted as abnormalities and conflicts of expression.

Editora da Universidade Estadual Paulista. However, Wellek and Warren alerts xngenot the danger of directing one’s investigative interests at drafts, rejected versions, exclusions and other original cuts made by the authors: The world, perceived in this manner, lireraria the writer’s linguistic creation, primarily making him think with his senses.

According to these authors, the psycholgical study of a writer as an individual and a type, as well as the study of his creative process, is an action of interest for the Psychology of Art, an area of Psychology that describes and explains the psychological experience of a being in the behaviors related to art, either by appreciating, creating and executing it or by interacting with the public and listening to their criticisms.

Teoria Literaria : Marc Angenot :

Biblioteca Universal Estados Unidos – Contos. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. What is the difference between the geltastists and Freud and Jung? Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. A Ideia da Fenomenologia. Within this context, significant contributions of contemporary psychology such as the description of the behavior and inner experience of an individual as a spontaneous activity, the continuity between the different degrees of problem solving and of the creative capacity and literarai attempt to interpret the unconscious life through dynamic forces are relevant resources in the attempt to explain the creation and permanence of a literary work.