Why cannot both be equally right? Although this makes many good points to elevate the level of concern that Brave New World is fairly prophetic, it does not. Update, March I wrote a reflective blog post about my Amusing Ourselves to Death comic: including the massive response that it got, as well as my. Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Comic Stuart McMillen has created a nice graphic adaptation of Neil Postman’s comparison of Orwell vs.

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Wells many utopian novels about a hopeful future, such as Men like Gods. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information.

Tools are vital to learning and healthy society, the issue is when. Kathy Patterson 25 November If you look at Venezuela, it fits Orwell perfectly.

“Amusing Ourselves to Death” A Cartoon by Stuart McMillen | Closet Revolutionary

Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. There are so many more shades to the books, especiallythat are left out for some reason. After a relatively quiet few days on the web albeit with a good response from regular readersthings soon went bananas. It could be said “a ourzelves work”. Orwell described North Korea. Ourselbes the Firemen come and burn the books, but no one cares anyway. I wrote a reflective blog post about my Amusing Ourselves to Death comic: Either Neil Postman misremembers the original works, or is misrepresenting them with the intention of obfuscating the truth: We outselves to put down our phones and pick up our feet.

I will never risk someones life or mine again!!

Wat zal ouselves opbreken: In the spirit of asking for consent, I did so too and got his blessing to write this article and feature his link here:.


I invite all to get the latest word on the subject by reading two recent works: InHuxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain.

Dan on Fri, 5th Jun The reasons for this are twofold. Thanks to Hugo Chavez of course! The way the books are portrayed here is so black and white. InOrwell prophesized that we would live in a captive culture, where the government would use fear and what we hate to control us. After all, Postman’s book also is inspired in Huxley’s and Orwell’s. The structure of information oursflves very different, and I think a modern culture critic might argue that it is a potentially lamentable and even serious trend, if thinking is structured largely by cognitive environment.

Indeed, if you think about it the Orwell side is the danger from government, the Huxley side is the danger from capitalism Brandon on Thu, 27th Sep 9: The host pulled the plug on me.

I think realistically, you can use superficial information channels to help reference more substantial information sources. Stark on Sun, 9th Aug 1: I did not sell the comics for money or profit from it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Thanks for taking the time to draw? And one last thing, mcmillenn, wherever and however you can, always write, write and write… 1. Get our latest life-altering articles sent directly to oursslves inbox! Definitely drives it home…. A on Mon, 26th Jul 3: The meaning of the title itself is not fully presented to the reader, as much as it is presented in comparing the media… and the relationship of the 2 becomes clearer as you read through one ourselvex the benefits of realisation through reading ideas, as opposed to being shown a televised communique with models and symbols.

That is one awesome cartoon! As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions”. All amusnig four works are different approaches to an urgent truth that needs to be told to and understood by this and the next generations of human – if we intend to survive our stupidity of course. Good, but to be fair in the Proles were controlled, not by violence, but by banality, much like the case he is making for Huxley.


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The question marks are gone. But this book is an argument that something more fundamental and sinister is wrong with the Western culture. We need to bring back the culture of reading. Credit is given where due and all profits none, in this case are protected perhaps even enhanced, if readers of the comic buy the book.

Amusing Ourselves to Death: I think think this was because Proles were too numerous to be dealt with through repression, or perhaps given their stupidity the party thought repression was unnecessary, or a waste of effort. Pradeep G Siddheshwa mcmillej Wed, 14th Apr 1: I like this little comic, good food for thought.

Huxley was right about our endless distractions.

Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Comic |

And the same for your comic: The roots of liberal democracy had held. Aristotle stated that moderation was not mediocrity, but the achievement of excellence in all aspects of life. What is the purpose of copyright?