alice di negeri ajaib. 5 likes. Book. alice di negeri ajaib. Privacy · Terms. About. alice di negeri ajaib. Book. 5 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Title, Alice di Negeri Ajaib Volume 55 of Buku Dongeng Anak-Anak Bergambar. Author, Lewis Carroll. Publisher, Elex Media Komputindo, Length, TRANSLATION OF PAST PROGRESSIVE VERB PHRASES IN LEWIS CARROLL’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND INTO ALICE DI NEGERI AJAIB.

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Maka, ketika seekor kelinci putih lewat tergesa-gesa sambil melihat jam sakunya, Alice mengikutinya, dan dimulailah petualangan Alice di Negeri Ajaib——negeri yang penuh makhluk aneh dan eksentrik.

Alice bertemu sang Duchess dan kucingnya yang bisa bicara, Tukang Topi dan Kelinci Maret yang sibuk dengan jamuan teh mereka, si Kura-Kura Palsu yang menceritakan kisah hidupnya, dan banyak lagi lainnya. Paperbackpages. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Does this edition contain “Through the Looking Glass”? What language is it in? I haven’t been able to find the German one. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Unpopular Opinion This took me a long time to get through I found it sometimes tedious to be quite honest. I guess I just don’t love the nonsensical fun of this as much as everyone else seems to love it. I enjoyed the pictures and I really liked this edition and I enjoyed it well enough, but as I said, I just don’t love it as much as a lot of others do. View all 11 comments.

I’m still not sure whether I think Lewis Carroll created a fantastic piece of fantasy or a great big pile of nonsense. I suspect it’s a combination of the two. I like some of Alice’s adventures – really, how could I not? Anyone who wants to learn Icelandic. I’ve now finished my first pass and am going back to the beginning, copying it out and running it through the little corpus script we’re developing.

I’ve combined the texts for the two books. This lets me get a snapshot of how familiar the vocabulary is on the first page of Alicewhich I’ve just finished [From Litli prinsinn ] [Original review, Aug 12 ] My attempt to learn Icelandic just by reading continues with the Icelandic translation of Alice in Wonderlandanother of my favourite books.

This lets me get a snapshot of how familiar the vocabulary is on the first page of Alicewhich I’ve just finished copying out: As you can see, a lot of words are in red, meaning I haven’t seen them before.

But many are in black, which means that I’ve seen them more than five times and so probably know them. I’m doing well enough alicee I’m able to get along and ci guessing things. Here’s what I can make of the first paragraph: One time or twice had she? Once again, I think that deep learning theory may help me understand what’s going on.

First, let’s look at a naive argument which claims to demonstrate that aaib out text can’t teach you anything, and see what’s wrong with it. If you haven’t tried it yourself, you might think that copying is a purely mechanical operation; you look at each character in turn and hit the appropriate key after each one.


That’s how a laptop will copy a file. But I am not a laptop.

akice In actual fact, I look at the text on the page that’s sitting in front of me and try to remember a small piece of it; then I divert my attention to the editor window and try to type out what I can remember. If I didn’t understand the words at all, this might end up being similar to what the file-copying routine is doing.

But I do understand Icelandic to some degree, and the better I understand it the longer the chunk is that I negei remember. If I’m copying a long word I’ve not seen before, I may only be able to hold a few letters at a time in my memory, aliec I’ll need to look at the word two or three times to copy it out.

But at the megri extreme, if I’m copying a short sentence where all the words are already familiar to me, I may be able to hold the complete sentence in my memory and then write it down without looking at the text again. Since I’m lazy and want to copy as quickly as I can, my mind is tricked into understanding longer and longer chunks of text. The curious thing is that this is pretty exactly much what an autoencoder does; it’s a ngeri net that’s trained on data where the output is the same as the input.

If neural nets had a global view of what they were trying to learn, the autoencoder could see that all it needs to do is copy the input one character at a time. But in fact, the neural net learns in a way similar to the way people learn, by making little incremental adjustments in wlice direction of increased efficiency. They can never make the big jump to the minimal solution; instead, they figure out ways to compress the input into larger chunks.

This is what makes autoencoders useful.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Alice Di Negeri Ajaib by Lewis Carroll (3 star ratings)

Maybe those dumb old rote-learning methods weren’t actually so dumb? View all 10 comments. The ending was a bit meh, but I liked how Alice stood her ground admits all the craziness and the characters of Wonderland. I”m not sure what I just read.

I don’t know if this was totally brilliant or absolute nonsense. Alice’s character is great. I want her for a little sister. At first I a,ice it wouldnt take me more than 2 days, well that didnt turn out the way I had hoped. And its not that I wasnt enjoying it, because I really was. As much as I loved the film both of them as a matter of fact alkce, I was anxious about the fact that I may not like it as much as I wanted to. That has happend more than once.

But were my expectations met? To an extent, they were. I may or may not have enjoyed some new aspects of the story that I had not heard of before. Something that I struggled with while reading it was the writing. I mean, this book is from the s. To be honest, although it took some getting used to, I got there and after I pushed my way through that part, it was a lot of fun to read it. The incredible imagination that is seen and portrayed it amazing and incredibly interesting to read about.

I was extremely fascinated by the fact if Alice was based od an actual person, and I actually found out that Lewis Carroll told this story to one of his, and supposedly favourite, models who was a young girl on a boat trip.


Just thought I would through that out there. I have watched all the films based on the books and I thought I knew the basic plot line. I was mistaken, this story was far from what I expected, it was exceptionally quirky and unbelievably short. I’m not sure if I just don’t remember enough of the movies and overall plot, but so much of it was a surprise and the ending was not what I was expecting. I’m glad to have finally ticked this off my classics tbr which I have barely touched, whooops!

I would’ve enjoyed this book better if I was not having a severe, everlasting reading slump. Rating 1 from August This book was so much better in my mind but alas! I first read Alice for Booktubeathon and fell in love with the curious and curiouser place and its characters. The jokes didn’t sit as well with me as they used to and overall, the whole ordeal felt rather flat t Rating 1 from August The jokes didn’t sit as well with me as they used to and overall, the whole ordeal felt rather flat to me.

Even though I’m aware of the fact that the tale is quite rich if you’re looking for some solid analysis So far, so good.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Alice Di Negeri Ajaib

Upon my research, I learned that most of the book’s adventures may have been based on and influenced by people, situations and buildings in Oxford and at Christ Church, e. That’s actually quite neat. In general, it was great fun to research how Alice came about: During a boat trip the Reverend Dodgson Lewis Carroll told a story that featured a bored little girl named Alice who goes looking for an adventure.

The girls loved it, and Alice Liddell asked Dodgson to write it down for her. He began writing the manuscript of the story the next day. The girls and Dodgson took another boat trip a month later when he elaborated the plot to the story of Alice, and in November he began working on the manuscript in earnest. Carroll incorporated all of the members of the boating party that first heard his tale into the final version of his novel, they all show up in chapter 3: Alice Liddell herself is there, while Carroll is caricatured as the Dodo because Dodgson stuttered when he spoke, he sometimes pronounced his last name as Dodo-Dodgson.

Also, the Mock Turtle speaks of a Drawling-master, “an old conger eel”, who came once a week to teach “Drawling, Stretching, and Fainting in Coils”. This is a reference to the art critic John Ruskin, who came once a week to the Liddell house to teach the children drawing, sketching, and painting in oils.

This background information actually make me like the book and its author a little more since they show how much time and care Carroll put into his tale. Sure, they’re all kind of funny but in the end they didn’t do anything for me. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the work that Carroll put into them, since they’re all brilliant parodies of nursery rhymes and songs that were very popular in Victorian England. However, if you’re not familiar with them personally, I only recognized his parody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Starit takes away a bit of the fun and purpose in reading them.