Buy a cheap copy of Seta book by Alessandro Baricco. The year is Hervé Joncour is a French merchant of silkworms, who combs the known world for their . Alessandro Baricco’s Seta: Travel, Ventriloquism and the Other. Robert Rushing. Introduction. First published in , Alessandro Baricco’s novel, Seta [English. Get FREE shipping on Seta by Alessandro Baricco, from

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Silk by Alessandro Baricco

A sad story, but not a sad story. Dicevano che era un santo. Voor wie even wil spieken is hier aleesandro link naar een pa Wondermooi! Herve replays this journey four times.

In time he began to yield to a pleasure that in the past he had always denied himself: Shorter novels usually leave me wanting more and it was also the case with Silk.

E credo anche di aver capito che io rientro decisamente nella prima categoria. This was the age when a new explosion of trade changed the nature of the already long established Silk-Route. But Baricco had other ideas.

Pensi soltanto a Sherazade, pensi al potere salvifico del baricco a voce alta. It was translated into English in by Guido Waldman. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Scrivano, sta prendendo nota?


Silk Quotes

A garden for the children to play in Vuol dire che si possono amare due donne contemporaneamente o amare la stessa donna scissa in due persone. On the fourth time, Japan is in the midst of a civil war. What is barlcco ending of the story of silk Alessandro Baricco?

I’m trying to say why it was good without being too specific and giving much away. In fact chapter 49 consisted of only four very short sentences. Three of them are peaceful. No matter, it was beautiful To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

His first trip to Japan takes place in the Bakumatsu period, when Japan was still largely closed to foreigners. View all 10 comments. At times, it may feel as if you don’t understand the significance of each passing “I never even heard her voice.

Silk 10 May 30, Este es mi primer libro que leo de Alessandro Baricco. There are only a few exceptions: Refresh and try again. Herve Joncour is a laessandro buyer who, at first, travels across Europe, past the Mediterranean, into Syria and Egypt to buy the precious silkworm eggs.


View all aldssandro comments. It also has some historical pegs, such as and Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War, or the effects of the earlier Treaty that Commodore Perry forced on Japan to open up its borders to Western Trade, or the geopolitical setting of an Asia as the theatre for the colonial wars between the various European powers, when the UK was selling arms to the Japanese government, while the Netherlands supported the rebels as the Japanese civil war erupted.

Was it barico fable with its repetitive phrases and unreal aura? I remember that at one point in my life I was only reading books over pages. The end got to me even after my short acquaintance with the book. The narration is not factual, but essentially evocative.