If you are a T.I.M.E. student, then you will find all the question papers and their solutions in your student home page. Your T.I.M.E. center will also provide you. Thanks for the A2A. Completely depends on the number of test takers and your performance in the actual paper. You can’t simply extrapolate AIMCAT. Though I don’t believe in it, people (who teach in CAT coaching institutes) say that you can expect a percentile in the range of your AIMCAT %ile +- 5%ile.

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My estimates are given in the post CAT Aditya, you can trust your VALR scores. Even when i have gone through the entire theory. Can you please give me any tip to reduce my pressure. And yes how to exactly know my area of strength. Sir, Let us say i have followed your advice and chosen my attempts carefully. Prabhat Yadav on July 29, at 2: GP on November 2, aimcaat 4: Aimmcat basically my accuracy was low in proc 5. How many attempts for an IIM call?

Your email address will not be published. Sir also tell me what minimum questions I should target to attempt correctly yo ensure IIM call. Plz sir suggest me something to reduce this thing. GP on November 14, at 8: Can you please tell me a rough estimate as to how many questions I should attempt and get right in order to secure about 95 percentile in CAT ?


Hi sir, X- Team CL on May 25, at 3: These tests are specially designed with question combinations covering all the test areas and various question types that have appeared in the CAT over the years.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants | education | Hindustan Times

Samhitha on November 14, at 8: Despite a lot of efforts, I am not improving at all. Sir, I belong to the SC category. Prashant kumar on August 22, at 3: But the worst thing about CAT exam is that i dont feel that im giving my paper under pressure. I have been going through your wonderful articles and they have helped me rectify some stupid mistakes i was making in the mocks 0214 the time.

GP describes his academic performance early in life as pathetic. Most of the time, while practicing aimcxt fundabooks and test gym i skip level 1 questions. Start by allocating more time to reading, especially newspapers.

Kamesh S on August 2, at At this time you should look at completing your preparation before CAT and then take mocks for practise.

AIMCATs (Test Series)

Diya on October 23, at 2: What percentile I can expect in CAT. As of now I am scoring better in VA….

Khushal on November 3, at 4: GP on August 11, at 8: I expect a raw score of in CAT. Most of the non-IIMs do not consider past academics for interview shortlisting and hence you should consider most of the colleges mentioned in the post Jayein toh jayein kahaan Sunil, getting into IIMs is difficult for students of all categories but the cutoff for reserved category students is significantly lower than that for general 20014 students so yes competition is lesser.


DI possibly looks complex because you are not exposed to these kind of data sets.

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

With absolutely no changes in the CAT pattern, one could expect a slightly more challenging and intuitive paper. You think a score of 78 27C 3W will get percentile.

The marks for gender diversity for females by some of the IIMs will be to your aimcay.

Rishabh on December 5, at I have two questions. Will go through the QADI analysis and will let you know incase i have any more doubts regarding my preparation. How should I decide which question to leave. This would also give you an idea about the areas that require improvement. Mohit, 6 errors out aimczt 18 attempts is very high.

Siddhartha jain on June 30, at