This document discusses an issue where *AFPDS spooled files go to HLD (Held) status with message CPI “Writer &1 cannot re-direct file. Is it possible to include a special character within a text sting output to an AFPDS print file? We have output the special character by using a symbol character set. Now we are changing printer files to AFPDS in order to print in different font and with lines and boxes. But the problem is the AFPDS can not be.

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Convert spool file to. Register Here or login if you are already a member. We use this process to send invoices by e-mail to our customers. AFP Conversion Directions e. DCA architecture defines the data stream used by applications to describe documents and object envelopes for interchange with other applications and application services.

Other than as a PDF, I know that will fapds.

Compart Matrix A complete overview of all supported input and output formats is provided in the Compart Matrix. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.

Submit your e-mail address below. February 23, Ted Holt. Does afpd know how to do this. Although it had originally afpxs developed for the field of digital black-and-white printing and sold in this sector, AFP has since established itself as the standard for digital color printing, archivingand viewing.


Advanced Function Presentation AFPknown as Advanced Function Printing untilis a presentation description language for creating, formatting, viewing, searching, printing, and distributing information to a broad selection of output channels.

IBM *AFPDS Spooled Files Go to HLD (Held) Status with Message CPI – United States

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We have output the special character by using a symbol character set. Your password has been sent to: However, the branches have only a limited afds connection, and the branch managers require printouts that are true to the original. I used the underline dds keyword and find that the underline extends beyond the printed characters.

How AFPDS with Object Containers are handled by Output Manager

The strength of the Compart MFF architecture is its ability to quickly and effectively convert documents in various formats into others, or integrate them into a document using a specific format.

One of the main features of AFP is the excellent separation of reference and recurring data, i. By converting and saving the documents in PDF format, employees are able to access them at any time from their notebook or PC. So we want to Placement of a page segment graphic. Ask a question, help others, and get answers from fapds community. Share this item with your network: There was an error processing your information.


Large document volumes can be converted quickly without any manual processing and saved in a PC-compatible format so that they can be immediately accessed at any time. Compart therefore works together with partners to affpds individual solutions to integrate AFP documents into PC-based work processes.

How AFPDS with Object Containers are handled by Output Manager

Printing is one of the primary concerns of people who use computers for what I still refer to as afpes. Forgot Password No problem! Depending on the requirements, the files can be displayed adpds a browser or converted to the PDF format familiar in the Office environment — both in a batch process or on demand.

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