A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub Program There is no question that Aegisub is a powerful and great tool for making subtitles. Authôt offers you a complete tutorial of the free Aegisub software to synchronize your subtitles to your videos in a few clicks | Test. Welcome to the CMBT Tutorial series. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software. Required Programs.

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Load the file you are timing. For your convenience, you can download a sample timed file. Use the various playback options to tweak your initial selections: This is where you actually put words in!

Voila, we can see how the new styles look in the video preview. Once these 4 steps are done, don’t forget to save your subtitles in the File tab. This is part of a series of step-by-step tutorials showing you how to fansub. Set this to 1 for Outline and 3 for Shadows.

We’ve put out eight episodes so far. Load the movie file into Aegisub. SubRip is probably the most common subtitle format, so it would be a good idea to save it in that format.

A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub

The line should look like this. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the red frame to the beginning of the waveform; then drag the blue frame to the end of the waveform. To the left, you’ll see the video, along with the “Visual typesetting toolbar, which is used in making fancy-looking subtitles usually for signs.


But then aegiskb sort of thing can be easily fixed later in editing. Under the File menu, click Export Subtitles Let’s set another start time.

Menu Bar Your menu bar has some great quick-access tools.

Filed under subtitles subtitle subbing fan subbing fansubbing subbed eng subs eng sub aegisub how to sub tutorial subbing tutorial sub aegisub tutorial tutorials english subtitles. It’s time to watch our work. Black is good tutoriwl, so leave as is.

The brain needs that lead-in time to change from watching-mode into reading-mode.

We remind you that our teams offer you additional services for synchronization and subtitling of your video. Your line starts at this color, and changes to the primary color. Primary – this is the color of the font in most cases. Using styles is an efficient way to segregate the function of each subtitle. In this article, we will be using VLC. Now, tutorail audio playback by clicking Shortcut Key: Below the video, the cursor is used to seek through your video.


If the box becomes more red, the audience will have more difficulty reading the subtitles. The full view with video and audio may take a while to get used to. Save the movie you’re going to transcribe in there.

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As an old timer, I’ve gotta say it’s more about a good eye rather than ear. The red line can be controlled when you left-click on an area of the audio. When you use this button, you can change the blue line whilst aegizub audio is playing and the audio will keep on playing until that blue line is reached.

Outline – color of the outline around your text.

Red line zegisub the start of the audio and the blue line is the end of the audio. So, add leadin alone first, then leadout, then you can link lines and “scene-time” them using tutorlal TPP, although I always time everything manually personally, yes, I even add the leadin manually.

Basically volume, how loud something is. Let’s set a vertical distance of 20, and leave everything else I go by the following: