APP-7(E) – ALLIED JOINT BREVITY WORDS PUBLICATION is a NATO/PfP . The responsibility (operational sponsor) for the brevity words is the IERHWG. 5. Allied Communications Publications are documents developed by the Combined .. ACP , Operational Brevity Codes, Contains radiotelephone procedure. CODE AND CIPHER MESSAGES Code words, such as VERDIN in the text EXECUTE brevity code words is found in Operational Brevity Codes, ACP

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Telephone Switchboard Operating Procedure [2].

Allied Communications Publications

Air Force Address Groups [4]. A handbook for convoy and independent ship operation and a guide to convoy maneuvering and signalling procedure. Accuracy methods; definition of prowords; plain language radio check; Discipline; Messages; Operating Rules; Misc methods sync time; grid references.

Tactical Call Sign Book U cod. Guide to Frequency Planning U [3]. Contains instructions regarding the responsibility and procedure for identifying major warships, minor warships and merchant ships entering defended ports.

Instructions for the preparation of Allied Communications Publications [1]. Land Forces Electronic Warfare Instructions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Wartime Instructions for Merchant Ships Radio [2]. Contains a general description of the scope, objectives, application, limitation, means and methods of recognition and identification with instructions regarding their use.


Visual Call Sign Book [2].

Allied Communications Publications – Wikipedia

Common Directory Services and Procedures Supplement operationao. Allied Routing Indicator Book U [3]. Allied Routing Indicator Book [1]. Views Read Edit View history. Operational Brevity Codes [1]. Map Reference and Numbered Cryptosystems [32]. ACP is primarily for use by originators and communications officers. Allied Callsign and Address Group System: ACP C is now withdrawn from publication.

Instructions and Assignments [1]. Contains instructions regarding censorship, handling of classified material, cryptographic operation, transmission security, traffic analysis and deception. Naval Address Groups [4].

Contains a system whereby ground personnel may communicate to a limited degree with aircraft by means of panels laid out on the ground, or by markings in the soil. Military communications Military standardization. Recognition and Identification Instructions [7]. Communication Instructions–General U [3]. This copy is retained for reference only. Recognition and Identification Instructions – Ground Forces [7]. Communication Instructions–Panel Signaling U [3].

Allied Naval Signal Book [4]. Address Group Book [7].

Guide to Spectrum Management in Military Operations [1]. Maritime Electronic Warfare Instructions. Multi National Videoconferencing Services [1]. Establishes a standard format for ACPs, including rules for assignment of short titles, preparation, assembly, and pagination. Contains instructions for the conduct of radio communications with and within merchant ship convoys. Retrieved from ” https: Army Address Groups [4]. Common Directory Iperational and Procedures [1].


Recognition and Identification Instructions – Surface Forces [7]. Operations Code and Prearranged Message Codes [32]. Contains instructions regarding the employment of visual and electronic means of recognition and identification of surface warships, merchant ships, between submarines and surface warships and between submarines and aircraft. Ionospheric Sounder Operations [1].

Contains instructions regarding employment of visual and electronic breivty of recognition and identification of air and ground forces. Main English-language document for radio voice communications procedures.

Contains instructions on Ground Control Approach and standard voice phraseology for use in connection with Ground Control Approach procedure. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pegasus Directory Services Technical Architecture [8].

Operational brevity words and terminology

Task Organization Call Sign Book [5]. Pyrotechnic Signals U [3]. Assignments between Cooperating Nations [1]. Telephone Switchboard Operating Procedures U [3].

Contains a list of International Call Signs for Ships.